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Guest Column: Three Things N.C. Must Do To Fight COVID-19

This moment is unprecedented. In North Carolina, COVID-19 will likely infect millions, kill thousands, leave thousands unemployed and devastate families financially. We can do three things now to protect the health and financial... — Updated 4/8/2020


April Is Child Abuse Prevention Month

April was proclaimed Child Abuse Prevention Month in 1983 and continues to be celebrated each April. The purpose of Child Abuse Prevention Month is to increase public awareness to help protect children and prevent maltreatment.... — Updated 4/6/2020


Guest Column: Rediscovering Practical Appalachian Traditions

In these days of a global pandemic and over a million infected around the world, one major issue for families comes up that is similar to what our ancestors faced a couple of generations ago: how to deal with the deceased and the... — Updated 4/6/2020


Coping With Social Distancing, New Routines

I pride myself on routine. I wake in the wee hours of the mornings. My coffee is set to brew precisely 2 minutes before my alarm chimes. While I sip my hot brew, I turn on a single... — Updated 4/1/2020


Can Congress Make Democratic Governance Work?

This is a time of great testing for Congress. As it considers responses to the nation’s health and economic crises, it faces close scrutiny by ordinary Americans, financial markets and businesses large and small across the... — Updated 3/30/2020

 By Mark Weinstein    Opinion

BMC Festival Still On Schedule

The Brevard Music Center continues to closely monitor the COVID-19 updates and guidance. Our first priority is always to ensure the safety of our students, faculty, patrons, staff and the Brevard community. We are fortunate that... — Updated 3/18/2020

 By Mike Hawkins    Opinion

COVID-19 Is County's Top Priority

COVID-19 is a serious health issue and deserves serious attention by Transylvania County citizens. While we have no reason to believe our county is unusually vulnerable, it is prudent to make all necessary preparations. By... — Updated 3/18/2020

 By Lee Hamilton    Opinion

Congress Should Be Where 'The People Govern'

In one of the U.S. Capitol hallways that House members pass through regularly to get to the chambers, there’s an inscription of a comment by Alexander Hamilton. It comes from his 1788 remarks to the New York convention on... — Updated 3/16/2020

 By Jaime Laughter    Opinion

Choosing Kindness Is Right

(Editor’s Note: The following is the second of several guest columns by writers and community leaders encouraging residents to “Broaden Our Perspectives.” Future columns will appear on other pages besides the editorial... — Updated 3/12/2020


Let's Broaden Our Perspectives

(Editor’s Note: The following is the first of several guest columns by writers and community leaders encouraging residents to “Broaden Our Perspectives.”) “Tell me a story.” At a very early age, we discover the power and... — Updated 3/4/2020


Gibbins Updates Its Process

Our firm, Gibbins Advisors, is the independent monitor appointed in connection with HCA’s acquisition of the assets and health care operations of Mission Health. I am responsible for this engagement. I am writing this to further... — Updated 2/26/2020


Thankful For The Gift Of TRH's Stellar Volunteers

As we enter the season of giving, I want to acknowledge a very special group of community members who make a difference at Transylvania Regional Hospital: our dedicated volunteers. They give freely of their time, energy and... — Updated 12/18/2019

 By Keith Parker    Opinion

Local Historian Concerned About Proposed Dollar Store

The Transylvania Times article about a proposed new Dollar General Store off U.S. 276 at the intersection of Becky Mountain Road and Rich Mountain Road raises many serious questions for residents in south Transylvania County, not... — Updated 12/9/2019

 By Danna Smith    Opinion

Don't Be Fooled By Enviva's Forest Conservation Fund

When I picked up the Nov. 11 issue of The Transylvania Times and saw the article in the Outdoors section entitled “Enviva Forest Conservation Fund Partners with DU,” I couldn’t help but cringe. For more than five years now,... — Updated 11/25/2019

 By Willow Walker    Opinion

A New Plan For Waste Is Needed For Transylvania County

Transylvania County’s landfill, located at 500 Howell Road, has less than nine years of useful life left, according to Kenn Webb, the Transylvania County Solid Waste director. And the topography, soil composition, and lack of... — Updated 10/30/2019


What Is Planning In Brevard?

You may have heard or read the terms “planning and zoning” with regards to your local government, but understanding how it applies to the community, like where you live, work and play can be unclear. Steering urban change in a... — Updated 10/28/2019

 By Allison Taylor    Opinion

Guest Column: Tax Increase Proposed For North Transylvania Fire District

The county commissioners received a budget proposal last Tuesday evening to increase the fire tax rate in North Transylvania’s fire district from 14 cents to 21.39 cents per $100 to meet the budgetary needs of the department.... — Updated 6/3/2019

 By Michele Pilon    Opinion

Nurses Create Positive Outcomes Through Expertise

Typically, the blossoming of spring is in full effect in western North Carolina during the month of May. This is also the month when we get the chance to recognize the caring professionals who make Transylvania Regional Hospital (T... — Updated 5/7/2019

 By Norman Bossert    Opinion

Guest Column: Violence Diminishes All Of Us

My wife and I moved to Pisgah Forest in 1996. We have loved living here. Since my arrival, though I am now retired, I have worked in education, both as a teacher and as a school administrator. Thanks to the help of Stella Trapp,... — Updated 5/1/2019


Guest Column: What Would Make The U.S. Congress Better?

A couple of weeks ago I was speaking to a group of students and decided to start with a point-blank question: Is Congress doing a good job? There were perhaps 100 people in the room, and not a single one raised his or her hand. So... — Updated 4/29/2019


Guest Column: How Politics Have Changed

I became active in politics in the late 1950s, got elected to Congress in 1964 and have remained engaged in one way or another every year since then. I’ve had a ringside seat for a long time. So I suppose I should not be... — Updated 4/15/2019

 By Michele Pilon    Opinion

Guest Column: TRH Rehab Services Help Patients Live Fully

We often associate emergency services, specialty care, or the latest and greatest new treatments on the horizon for such things as cancer and heart disease with the services that hospitals provide. One service area that can go... — Updated 4/15/2019

 By BJ Winchester    Opinion

Guest Column: Officials Are Verbally Abused, Threatened

In the Jan. 17, 2019 edition you printed an article called “Saving the Zebras” by Jeremiah Reed. The article reports on the struggle to land high school officials and to keep them. He stated in his four-and-one-half years of... — Updated 4/8/2019


You Decide: Can Economics Help With Basic Decisions?

Economics sometimes suffers from a bad image. Economists are famous for disagreeing over public policies. Economics has its own language which is almost impenetrable for those without a degree in the “dismal science.” And... — Updated 4/8/2019


Guest Column: Political And Policy Skills Starting To Merge

Here’s a surprise: the skills that can be used to win in politics are increasingly the skills needed to produce good policy. I know. You look at the policy stalemates in Washington and wonder how this could be. The people who... — Updated 4/1/2019


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