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Incorrect Comparison

In my letter (Nov. 19), I did not compare President Obama with the current president, as Mr. Brendle alleges in his most recent letter (Nov. 23). I merely observed that Mr. Brendle, in his letter of Nov. 16, accused the Democrats... — Updated 11/25/2020


Racism Exists Locally

“I’m not a racist.” Really? Just look around. Where are the African American doctors, nurses, dentists, lawyers, waiters, clerks, teachers? Where are county legislators (we have one African American on City Council)? Where... — Updated 11/23/2020


This Bird Can Fly

Have you ever seen a bird fly with only one wing? Apparently there are some among us who believe that such a thing is possible. But it is, at least according to folk tales and legends. The oozlum bird of Australian and British... — Updated 11/23/2020


Point Omitted

In Mr. Mockridge’s letter in the Nov. 19 paper, he compares Obama and Trump and the treatment each has received. I would only say that most of the things he references were simply political maneuvering and both sides do that to... — Updated 11/23/2020


Time To Concede

Am I missing something on this election cycle? I am trying to use logic, rationality, and facts when I see things I do not understand…all of these thinking tools used to be called the positive character trait colloquialism of... — Updated 11/23/2020


The Measure Of A Man

My father is my hero. A self-made man who worked as a short-order cook to support his siblings and mother during the Depression, he attended college on the GI bill after serving in the Army Air Corps during WWII and retired in... — Updated 11/23/2020


Silence On Republican Obstruction

Sometimes it is utterly impossible to understand positions taken in the Opinions of the Readers section of The Transylvania Times. Charles Brendle’s last letter is a prime example. Brendle castigates the Democrats for not... — Updated 11/18/2020


Election Produced Fair Results

Neurological research shows that long-term exposure to opioids leads to permanent changes in the user’s brain. As the most recent study concluded, it is “the course of repeated use over time that does the indelible damage.... — Updated 11/16/2020


How Refreshing

This pertains to our most recent presidential election. Be not afraid! The people my husband and I met while we were working the poll at the VFW were impressive, and we actually had fun while we learned more about Transylvania... — Updated 11/16/2020


In The Midst Of A Crisis

We are now in the midst of a crisis that could soon escalate to the “insurmountable” level. To stop it, enablers in Washington must stop coddling Donald Trump. His refusal to concede and his insistence on hiding behind a pile... — Updated 11/16/2020



Well, it appears that the Democrats have finally achieved what they have been trying to do for four years. They have brought Trump down. Their efforts started on the day he was elected and they have been relentless. There has been... — Updated 11/16/2020


Wellborn Set High Standards

On Nov. 16, Alice Wellborn will end her Transylvania County school board term. She was defeated on Nov. 3, but “defeated” is a bizarre word to apply to this community servant. For four years Alice has worked tirelessly for the... — Updated 11/11/2020


Jameson's Joy Fitness Course

Yesterday, after picking up my 5-year-old granddaughter from school, I thought a visit to the new Jameson’s Joy Fitness Park was in order, especially due to the fact that Ninja moves are her latest interest. What I observed the... — Updated 11/11/2020





Thanks For Saving My Dog

I want to give a great big heartfelt thank you to Tommy Justus who saved my elderly dog on the morning of Election Day from what would most likely have been a tragic outcome. I know he saved her life. I will be forever grateful to... — Updated 11/9/2020


Republicans Win

Congratulations to the Republicans who won the county elections. It reminds me of a bumper sticker we used to see around here, “A Republican cannot enjoy his dinner unless he knows that somebody somewhere is going hungry.” Let... — Updated 11/9/2020


Smoothing Troubled Waters

It is difficult not to gloat. I am not as forgiving as our next president, and, I suppose, if it were up to me, one of the earliest calls I would make as president would be to the director of the Bureau of Prisons and order... — Updated 11/9/2020


Local Races Should Be Nonpartisan

In looking at the results of the past election, I can’t help but note a disappointing feature of our local elections. Every other state and county I’ve ever lived in has 100 percent nonpartisan candidates for races ranging from... — Updated 11/9/2020


Thoughts On The Election

A few thoughts as I reflect on the election. If one were to try to predict the election results from the letters submitted by readers, one would think that all of our local elected officials would be left-wing progressives. My... — Updated 11/9/2020


Making Critical Business Decisions

Since COVID-19 became a major part of our lives, every organization, whether it is for profit or nonprofit, has been forced to adapt and to make changes in their business, operations and customer engagement. With winter and what... — Updated 11/9/2020


Helpful To Strangers

On Oct. 28, I learned how helpful people in Brevard could be to a stranger. I was pulling into a parking lot when an auditory signal went off in my car and smoke came pouring up from the right front of my car. I was afraid it was... — Updated 11/9/2020


Where Was Law Enforcement?

Where was Mr. Law and Order when a bunch of Trump hooligans surrounded a Biden bus in Texas. This is as low as it gets, but I am not surprised. This is the class of people that are his supporters. Better yet, where was Texas law... — Updated 11/9/2020


Justice, Law And Order

“Without justice there can be no peace.” These words of Martin Luther King Jr., remind us that justice should be the guiding principle behind our efforts to create peace. King also said “we want peace without justice.” In... — Updated 11/5/2020


A Special Birthday For Dottie

Thank you to the newspaper for allowing me to use this forum to invite the friends of Dottie Tinsley to participate in a car parade on her 94th birthday, Nov. 8, at 2 p.m. It will be held at her house on 44 Miner Street. Cars will... — Updated 11/2/2020


Thanksgiving Thoughts

Though weeks away, Thanksgiving already provides a good reminder of how so many of us have benefitted from the kindness and consideration of others. When I shop in our markets and the shelf stockers are careful about their masks an... — Updated 11/2/2020


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