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Political Sign Law

In North Carolina, it is a Class 3 misdemeanor for a person to steal, deface, vandalize or unlawfully remove a political sign that is lawfully placed. There have been multiple examples of sign removal, always Biden/Harris, in the... — Updated 9/21/2020


Sociology 101

To all my friends who want to eliminate “socialism” from American society, as a trained sociologist I would like to clarify the term and show what it would mean to eliminate the American variety of it. In the simplest of... — Updated 9/21/2020


Your Life Depends On Your Vote

I have observed for months the cult of the Grifter in Chief. No matter how many laws he breaks or crooks he hires, his base defends him. His lies and his failures are overlooked in favor of cheering nonexistent accomplish-ments.... — Updated 9/16/2020


Very Real Concerns

Mr. Jeff Brewer provided his rationale for why he still supports President Trump and the Republican Party. I respect his position, but will offer my thoughts. A U.S. president should have absolute integrity and be a moral... — Updated 9/16/2020


Use Our God-Given Brains

Investigative journalists recently discovered that Trump’s maternal, great-grandmother’s maiden name was Zagovor. They also discovered that Zagovor was the surname of Obama’s great-great-uncle on his maternal side. But this... — Updated 9/16/2020


Trump Is Devious And Selfish

Donald Trump told Bob Woodward he withheld the truth about the deadly virus that would kill hundreds of thousands of us because he didn’t want to “panic” us. Really? This man, who is spending his every waking hour panicking... — Updated 9/16/2020


Why I Vote How I Vote

Jesus is my king, not the president. But I will cast my vote for the only choice available that aligns with my faith. I have read both the Democratic Party platform and the Republican Party platform, and I cannot reconcile the Demo... — Updated 9/16/2020


Plan B Makes Sense

During a recent City Council site visit to the property on Deerlake Road designated for a retiree and worker housing development, the developer submitted a plan option with many positive aspects. Plan B is a realistic recognition... — Updated 9/16/2020


We Can't Eat Asphalt

Sure, we can cram a lot of city folks and flatlanders in here, but they are going to try to boss us around.. They will bring bulldozers to mow down the rain forests and ruin the rain part, the hydrologic ecosystem that have kept... — Updated 9/14/2020


Decency And Competence

Decency, honor, integrity, truthfulness, even competence – is that really too much to ask of our highest elected officials? Has the winning of elections become, like war, more important than the welfare of the people and nation,... — Updated 9/14/2020


Fixating On The Past Corrupts The Future

That institutional racism has tragically been a part of our national landscape during extended periods in our history is a sad, well-established fact. Yet obsessive reminders of that negative fact and blindness to the positive... — Updated 9/14/2020


More Courthouse Drama

Here we go again with the courthouse drama. Have the county commissioners forgotten what happened at the last commissioners’ hearing concerning moving the courthouse? Not one lawyer in town was for it and hundreds of people showe... — Updated 9/14/2020


Poor Choice Of Reason To Leave

D.G. Martin’s column of Sept. 10 focuses on Mike Hawkins, Page Lemel and David Guice, the three Transylvania County Commissioners who resigned from the Republican Party, and changed their registration to Unaffiliated. I had no... — Updated 9/14/2020


We Need A Leader, Not A Cheerleader

I really don’t care if one is Republican or Democrat. What I do care about is that Americans were continuously told the “virus” was just not that big of a deal when our president knew better. My family didn’t believe that... — Updated 9/14/2020


The Middle East 'Trump Effect'

On Aug. 31, the first ever direct commercial passenger flight from Israel to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) landed in Abu Dhabi. This event and the peace deal between the two countries brokered by the Trump administration is... — Updated 9/14/2020


Extreme Measures

Recently, two men in separate locations presented with mental health issues. They struggled with police, who shot and killed both of them. I wonder what training law enforcement has to handle people in psychiatric panic. To me,... — Updated 9/14/2020


Republicans Health Insurance Disaster

Health insurance is a disaster in western North Carolina, and it is a pothole of the Republicans’ own making. The working poor are stuck in a gap of making too much for Medicaid, yet can’t afford insurance, and it’s not... — Updated 9/14/2020


Virtue Is Its Own Reward

You can tell a lot about a man’s character by the way he approaches a moral concept that is foreign to him. Take, for example, the concept of service. If that man is visiting, let’s say, Arlington National Cemetery and remarks... — Updated 9/14/2020


We're Not Just Voting For A Person

I’m voting for the Second Amendment and gun rights, the next Supreme Court Justice, law and order, support and fully funding our law enforcement agencies, a strong military, veterans, secure borders, legal immigration, low... — Updated 9/14/2020


Remember Losers And Suckers

I never served in uniform. Nor did I ever have bone spurs. I served in a civilian service, but over my career I had many opportunities to interact with and observe members of our military, particularly during the four years that I... — Updated 9/14/2020


Article Consistent With Trump's Behavior

I write with respect to the president’s comments as published in The Atlantic. I can guess that many supporters of President Trump, in order to justify their support of this man, will tell themselves that the story is untrue,... — Updated 9/14/2020


Check Your Bills

People do indeed need to check their bills from Transylvania County Hospital. I had a bill for $13. When I checked with my supplemental insurers, they confirmed that their payment had been received and cashed. Janet Cross... — Updated 9/9/2020


Remember Febb E. Burn

If you are ever tempted to think that your single vote couldn’t possibly matter, remember Febb Burn. Who, you might ask, was Febb Burn? Febb Burn of Moose Creek, Tenn., was college educated and had taught school, but in 1920 she... — Updated 9/9/2020


Missing From National Anthem's History

In the Sept. 3 issue, Mr. Brendle provided important facts about the “Star Spangled Banner,” including being first sung at a baseball game in 1918 in remembrance of U.S. soldiers recently killed. What Mr. Brendle did not... — Updated 9/9/2020


A Patriot, Not A Loser

In the early morning of Feb. 6, 1944, my father, 1st Lt. Clarence H. Parkhurst, took off in a B-25 bomber from a U.S. Army Air Force base in Yang Kai, China. My father was the pilot of one of three planes, and their mission was to... — Updated 9/9/2020


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