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Good Neighbors

My husband and I have been residents of Deerlake Village since 2004. We have enjoyed the natural beauty of this neighborhood, its proximity to downtown Brevard and our charming neighbors. We also have long realized that future... — Updated 5/4/2020


Furlough Government

I have the read the local newspaper concerning the budget and it’s very disturbing that not one unnecessary government employee has been furloughed. There was a lot of talk about employees that had nothing to do because there is... — Updated 5/4/2020


Students And Teachers Need Help

Despite the turmoil and uncertainty in our lives caused by the coronavirus outbreak, we are approaching election time with all of its drama and decisions as to who will lead us back to a sense of normalcy - both in our personal liv... — Updated 5/4/2020


Stopping The Dollar General

Finally, maybe someone has found a way to halt the building of the unneeded and unwanted Dollar General on U.S. 276 south of Brevard. I applaud Mr. Corley and the concerned citizens that he represents. If the developers somehow... — Updated 5/4/2020


Many Trails Available

The tone in Jim Grodnik’s most recent letter reminds me of a young boy’s petulance when told he cannot have a particular toy in the midst of a closet full of other toys that are available. (I have two sons and, though they are... — Updated 5/4/2020


DAR Is Not Alone

It was heartwarming to read the feature story about the DAR making and distributing COVID-19 masks, but they are not the only ones. The Connestee Quilters sewed over 200 masks for the Department of Health and five women at St.... — Updated 5/4/2020


Don't Kill Your Neighbor

Greetings from the epicenter. After leaving Transylvania County, my family moved to what can only be described as “Yankee Brevard.” Here in Westchester County, N.Y., the streets are barren. We are all shut in our homes.... — Updated 5/4/2020


Do Not Alienate Part-Time Residents

The city and Chamber of Commerce are asking citizens to contribute to a fund supporting small business in Brevard. At the same time, the county is asking people who are willing and able to help not to come here. These second... — Updated 5/4/2020


Applaud The Peasants - Now Get Back To Work!

Readers have probably already seen the inspirational videos of people applauding their neighbors who are heading to work as essential workers or social media videos of celebrities thanking us peasants for keeping them safe in... — Updated 5/4/2020


Appreciates Community News

What a sad notice for Transylvania County to know that Nicola Karesh, who pens the Rosenwald News, is moving to north Georgia. We have been fortunate to have her in our community and to read her excellent journalism these past... — Updated 5/4/2020


Courage Of Health Care Workers

During these frightening times, we are asking the most from people who are paid the least. With COVID-19 to consider, nursing homes in our area have demanded health care workers put their lives and those of their families on the... — Updated 5/4/2020


Subways Move Essential Workers

In answer to Mr. Grodnik’s question on why someone can ride on a subway in New York but he cannot take a walk in DuPont Forest, I offer this up: The subways and busses in New York are responsible for moving first-line responders... — Updated 5/4/2020


Please Explain

Will someone please explain to me why New Yorkers can ride in a crowded subway, but we can’t go for a walk in DuPont Forest. –Jim Grodnik, Brevard... — Updated 4/29/2020


Be Responsible

Our neighboring states have “opened” with limitations. It is evident by the consistent increase in cases and deaths in each of these states that this was a questionable decision. As North Carolina remains under a stay-at- home... — Updated 4/29/2020


Why I'll Vote For Trump

As a retired, decorated policeman of 34 years serving the Democratic run city of Chicago, I confess. I voted for Donald Trump. This born and raised former Democrat did the unthinkable. I voted for the current president. I did... — Updated 4/27/2020


Take Politics Out Of Redistricting

I’d like to address an issue that, while political, goes beyond partisan politics, namely gerrymandering. This means the drawing of political districts in such a way as to give advantage to one party. Over the years, both sides... — Updated 4/27/2020


Responsible, Respectful Growth

It’s a shame that another national retail store project has had the power to drive a wedge between the community and the county leaders. The community didn’t ask for this project. Neither did the county staff nor the... — Updated 4/27/2020


Mortality And Hunger

Have you ever wondered why Jesus fed the masses before he taught them? He must have known that the mind could only consume what the stomach would allow and as long as the stomach was empty the mind would also be empty. There is a... — Updated 4/27/2020


Donate To Help Local Businesses

Most all of us who live in the Brevard area routinely utilize the many restaurants, jewelry stores, hardware stores, our fine Co-Ed Theater and other business establishments. It’s no secret that they, like many of us, are... — Updated 4/27/2020


Appreciates Times More Than Ever

For over 20 years, I have appreciated The Transylvania Times. I came from a small town with a solid community newspaper, and I was grateful to find one here, in western North Carolina. Part of the joy of The Transylvania Times is... — Updated 4/27/2020


Inexcusable Waste Of Small Business Loans

When Congress passed the stimulus bill addressing the financial crisis resulting from COVID-19, it restricted use of the funds and required oversight and reporting to Congress. As President Trump signed it, he stated he would not b... — Updated 4/22/2020


My Friend's Legacy

In the midst of the turmoil caused by the coronavirus, I have witnessed much behavior that gives me a warmed heart and hope for the future. The kindness lies in my friend, who shares her bounty without fanfare. For example, she... — Updated 4/22/2020


Searching For Scapegoats

I keep hearing, “This has never happened! This health crisis is unprecedented.” To the contrary, there is at least one way in which we have been here before. When the current pandemic broke out I thought immediately of an... — Updated 4/22/2020


Grateful For Schools And Library

I would like to express how grateful I am for the many people and organizations in our community who are working to keep everyone in our city and county buoyed and supported during these unpredictable months. Each of us is... — Updated 4/22/2020


The Facts

Here are the facts that we know about this pandemic. It is deadly and highly contagious. It can be spread by those who won’t show symptoms for up to two weeks. There is no treatment and there is no vaccination. The only way to... — Updated 4/20/2020


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