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We Need More Fast Food Places

During this holiday season, I’ve been thinking. While driving slowly into Brevard through “Fast Food Alley” (love all those traffic lights every 10 yards), I’ve decided we don’t have enough choices. I mean, c’mon, look... — Updated 12/1/2021


Infrastructure Bill

We have been fooled again by our government. Remember the 2011 Obama/Biden “American Reinvestment and Recovery Act.” That was the Bill that was going to rebuild our infrastructure. We really don’t know where our taxpayer... — Updated 12/1/2021


What Does It Say?

Kyle Rittenhouse obtained an assault rifle and used it to kill two people (one of whom was armed with a skateboard) and injure a third. For these actions he has become a celebrity in the Republican Party. Madison Cawthorn was so... — Updated 12/1/2021


Being American

I note that Ken Burns will soon have another documentary, “Being American,” which will be dealing with the history of our country, warts and all. I implore all those folks who are so worried about CRT (Critical Race Theory) rea... — Updated 12/1/2021


Object To Letter

A recent letter by Arthur Raynolds excoriated Democrats as being Marxist, out of touch and doomed to failure. I have to object for many reasons, including the following: Trump’s tax cut enabled the top 0.1% to pay a lower tax... — Updated 11/29/2021


For Our Children

The recent article entitled “Students Ask For Mental Health Help” is a wake-up call. There are many factors contributing to mental health issues and challenges burdening our children. Social media platforms, and what they... — Updated 11/29/2021


Replying To Message

My wife actually gasped when she read Arthur Raynolds’ “Message to Democrats.” “Do Americans really not know the difference between socialism and communism?” “Well, some of us do,” I said, and in that spirit of... — Updated 11/29/2021


Ecusta Trail Bushwhack

Last Friday, Nov. 19, four of us (Brian, Olin, Richard and I) hiked the Ecusta Trail from Oskar Blues to the French Broad River boating access near Crab Creek Road. The idea was to get a head start on the coming Trail experience.... — Updated 11/24/2021


Thanks Meals On Wheels

I have been receiving lunch from Meals on Wheels for several years now. Last week not only did I receive my lunch, but I also received a beautiful chrysanthemum, a gift from Blantyre Nursery delivered by UUTC members. It reminded... — Updated 11/24/2021


Giving Thanks

This week many people will be pulling up a chair around a Thanksgiving table to enjoy a meal and opportunity to give thanks. Transylvania Christian Ministry, better known as “Sharing House.” is doing the same. All of us who liv... — Updated 11/24/2021


Applaud Writers

Typically, I do not get involved with the political chatter in the Letters To The Editor. However, I wanted to applaud the writers of two recent letters, “Toppling Statues” and Culture Wars,” whose meaningful thoughts are... — Updated 11/22/2021


Living Wage Coalition Says Thank You

The Living Wage Coalition of Transylvania County would like to extend a special “Thank You” to all of the certified living wage employers in Transylvania County. These employers recognize that paying a living wage benefits not... — Updated 11/22/2021


A Message To Democrats

You all are seriously out of touch with what the American people (especially the middle of the road Democrats) really want. Americans are finally waking up to Obama’s comment “to fundamentally change America.” Unless you... — Updated 11/22/2021


Need To Recycle

I read in the paper a while back that the dump is filling up. Why isn’t recycling enforced? I know for a fact of another state has a law that if any recycles found in their trash, they fine the person and will not pick their... — Updated 11/22/2021


Response To John Hood

\ John Hood’s treatise on populism makes some salient points. But, his lack of objectivity shows with his choice to only focus on what he calls “left-wing populism.” He veers farther from fairness with erroneous statements... — Updated 11/22/2021


School Board And Masks

Why did our TCS Board of Education vote last week for masks to be optional in our schools starting Nov. 29? I can’t fathom, for the life of me, why we are not waiting to reassess the data (i.e. our county COVID-19 case numbers)... — Updated 11/22/2021


Dipping Into Our Pockets

It appears to this taxpayer our county leaders are facing having to dip into our pockets again, this time for the long discussed courthouse project that’s been finally moved from the back burner. Perhaps they may be willing to... — Updated 11/22/2021


Troubling Project

While I agree there needs to be workforce housing, the proposed low-income housing project for the field across from Brevard High School is very troublesome for many reasons. The traffic on Country Club Road is already heavy and th... — Updated 11/22/2021


Vaccine Mandates

Does America support: “Be vaccinated or lose your job?” Sounds like a dictatorship, not the free America that we love. Are these mandates even constitutional? We believe in vaccinations, and we receive flu shots every year. We... — Updated 11/17/2021


Fake It Until You Make It

Modern society requires benevolent lies to function. None are more trivial than the fake stories we tell about our careers. After looking at random LinkedIn profiles and seeing impressive career accomplishments listed with... — Updated 11/17/2021


Blue Zones

Before my school had become Blue Zones approved, I often found myself surrounded with a small number of people outdoors. There were many of my peers who were instructed to stay inside during recess due to not completing their work... — Updated 11/17/2021


Planning And Coordination

First of all, I fully support the Clemson Plaza project. And, I support and understand the need to increase the recycling fee. Having said that, I think both have been poorly planned and executed. As for the plaza, why were all the... — Updated 11/17/2021


The Other Holocaust

On July 26, 1833, an all-white British Parliament voted to abolish slavery throughout their entire empire. Those familiar with this little known piece of British history know Parliament didn’t just decide that on a whim. Rather,... — Updated 11/15/2021


Land Of Oz

Right now it feels like we are living in the Land of Oz. We hear the voice of our president but wonder who the ventriloquists and puppets masters are behind the curtain of his Office. During press conferences and other media... — Updated 11/15/2021


Sad To See

I was sad to see this paragraph from a letter posted by the Transylvania County Republicans on their Facebook page before the election. The Republican post said: “This municipal election is probably the most important one for... — Updated 11/10/2021


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