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One-Year Celebration

Editor’s Note: The following guest column was submitted by the Blue Zones Project – Brevard. Blue Zones Project – Brevard, by Sharecare, celebrates its kickoff anniversary this month following a successful year of community e... — Updated 9/15/2021


Nonpartisan Elections

Given the fact that politics, especially partisan politics, has created a great divide in our nation, I find it both refreshing and encouraging that in most of the municipalities in our state we select our city leaders through... — Updated 9/15/2021


Another Insurrection?

In an interview with Smoky Mountain News, U.S. Rep. Madison Cawthorn said that the Capitol rioters at the Jan. 6 insurrection were mostly “normal” people who were “wandering” into the building. These “normal” people... — Updated 9/15/2021


Maureen For Mayor

I enthusiastically endorse Maureen Copelof as mayor of Brevard for one reason: She is the best politician I’ve ever witnessed or imagined. From the time she and I first worked together to the present moment, I’ve known Maureen... — Updated 9/15/2021


Question Comments

Your Sept. 9 issue (the story headlined “Remember That Day” about 9/11) on the main page had several comments which I question, including the comment (in reference to the impacts of the 9/11) that “discrimination” was one.... — Updated 9/15/2021


Good Review

The Rev. Ernest Mills gave goodness a good review in his welcome letter to the editor of The Transylvania Times of Monday Sept.6, 2021. He asks why we should strive to be good when the world so often seems to reward dishonesty,... — Updated 9/15/2021


Join The GetSet Effort

Editor’s Note: The following guest editorial was written by Page Lemel, a former Transylvania County commissioner, and is endorsed by The Transylvania Times. At the end of October, GetSet Transylvania will celebrate its third... — Updated 9/14/2021


Celebrate The Constitution

Written in the sweltering Philadelphia heat in the summer of 1787, the U.S. Constitution claims fame to being the oldest (and shortest) written Constitution of any major government in the world. This magnificent document contains... — Updated 9/13/2021


Hospital Staff, Doctors Not The Enemy

The lifeblood of any organization is its staff. Recently, the caring and competent staff of Transylvania Regional hospital and our area physicians have been perceived by some as the “enemy” or at fault in some way for the HCA... — Updated 9/13/2021


Contempt For Rule Of Law

Congressman Kevin McCarthy and Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Green made public threats against tech and communications companies if they respond to requests for information relating to the Congressional investigation of the Jan. 6... — Updated 9/13/2021


History Rewritten

To Mr. Brendle: President Biden only finished what the former occupant started in Afghanistan. Oh, and don’t forget that the same former occupant was bragging and taking responsibility for what was happening as recently as his... — Updated 9/13/2021


Powerful Force

Like the force of the rivers, our present COVID pandemic is a powerful force that can overwhelm us. We can choose to do nothing; we can choose to ignore the power of the pandemic or we can take actions to decrease the damage of... — Updated 9/13/2021


Appalled By Cawthorn

I am a Democrat with both a capital and lowercase d. While I was appalled that my neighbors in the 11th congressional district elected Madison Cawthorn by a huge margin, I told myself that since they clearly held the majority in... — Updated 9/8/2021


Consider Our Fellow Creatures

I worry about those who love nature and want to experience nature, so they destroy nature in their quest. These mountains are always in a delicate balance, these little microclimates that have evolved over millions of years. There... — Updated 9/8/2021


Gun Control

Who can forget 9-11 when the buildings fell. Who knows if the terrorists pose a threat to the homeland. Warring machines are in the hands of the Taiban. Thousands of guns and other sophisticated equipment remain in the possession... — Updated 9/8/2021


Those Left Behind

“Good Afternoon ladies and gentlemen. USAF flight 13 is now boarding. Those confirmed ticket holders please make your way to gate 911.” Oh wait, this isn’t Dulles, it’s Kabul. And confirmed ticket holders are only those... — Updated 9/8/2021


Support CMSAP

As reported in your Sept. 2 edition concerning the laudable Cedar Mountain Small Area Planning effort (CMSAP), Jason Chappell – chairman of the Transylvania County Board of Commissioners – is quoted as having a “philosophical... — Updated 9/8/2021


The Heroes Of Flight 93

Editor’s Note: The following editorial was written by Chip Minemyer, a CNHI regional editor Pennsylvania, Maryland, Ohio, West Virginia and North Carolina, and is endorsed by The Transylvania Times. Faced with the unimaginable,... — Updated 9/8/2021


Everything Is A Tradeoff

In the Aug. 30 Transylvania Times, the Dr. Rev. Stephen Lawrence, a retired “holistic dentist,” claims that face masks are not only ineffective in stopping the spread of COVID-19, but they also cause “real life dangers... — Updated 9/6/2021


Not Far Enough

Alas, Cindy Gavin’s letter of Aug. 30 didn’t go far enough. Had our troops been called home in April, none of this could have happened. She also failed to reveal President Biden’s role in Benghazi, Vince Foster’s murder,... — Updated 9/6/2021


Hypocrisy Continues

The hypocrisy and defense of Joe Biden in Lauren D’Alessandro’s letter in the Aug. 30 edition is hard to ignore. She talks about a partisan attack on our president but chose to forget the unending partisan attacks on Trump.... — Updated 9/6/2021


Something Good Coming

What do you do if you can’t actually win an election because the demographics of our country are in flux, and we are becoming a more racially and culturally diverse electorate? Why, of course, you change the rules, making it... — Updated 9/6/2021


Why Be Good?

Sometimes it seems as if the only way to get ahead in this life is to be dishonest, cheat, steal and be greedy. So, why should we bother striving to be moral, to be kind, generous and compassionate? Why should we labor to treat... — Updated 9/6/2021


Support Rise & Shine

Editor’s note: Rise & Shine is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year and has proven to be a valuable member of the Transylvania County community. To help continue its mission, Rise & Shine needs tutors. The Transylvania... — Updated 9/6/2021


Support BOE Decision

Despite taking until its third vote, we totally support the Transylvania County Board of Education’s recent 4-1 decision to make masks mandatory in schools. The Brevard Academy Board of Directors also recently upheld its... — Updated 9/6/2021


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