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Local Market Update for Transylvania County - September 2019

New Listings (2018) 67 (2019) 70 Percent Change: + 4.5% Year to date through 9/2018: 726 Year to date through 9/2019: 718 Percentage Change: - 1.1% Pending Sales (2018) 54 (2019)... — Updated 12/1/2021

 By Tim Carter    Real Estate

Will I Get Shocked? That Is The Question

Q: Tim, it’s a very long story, and don’t think I’m crazy. I’m building a new home and wondering if I can install all the electrical wiring myself. It’s not a big home, bu... — Updated 12/26/2019


7 Steps To Plan A Remodel

Remodeling your home can be one of the most exciting projects to undertake. Whether you're thinking about a bathroom update, kitchen overhaul or a new room addition, planning and... — Updated 12/26/2019


Dealing With Rust Stains In Granite Countertops

Q: Tim, we just moved into an existing home that’s got granite countertops. When we looked at the house, there were cleverly placed trivets in certain places. I’ve come to discover they were hiding what appears to be rust... — Updated 11/27/2019


PEX Or Copper: Which Is The Best To Use?

Q: I have to install some new water supply lines in my home. My current home has copper water supply lines. I'm intrigued by the plastic PEX material, but it seems too good to be tr... — Updated 11/27/2019


Residential Sales Trends For Transylvania And Asheville Region

As the 13-county Asheville region settled into fall and what is typically a slower selling season, sales across the region remained steady, rising 3.2 percent over sales last year,... — Updated 11/27/2019


Five Factors To Consider When Buying A Home

Home ownership is a dream for many people. In fact, buying a home is considered by many people to be a major life accomplishment. Various factors determine what makes a home an... — Updated 11/27/2019

 By Tim Carter    Real Estate

Artificial Stone Is Not Waterproof

Artificial stone on a house facade is not waterproof. If a builder doesn’t use the right waterproof membranes and flashings, water will infiltrate the home. (Tim Carter)... — Updated 11/4/2019


Residential Sales Trends In Transylvania County

According to data from Canopy MLS, all counties within the 13-county Asheville region had positive sales during the month of September 2019. Home sales across the region soared to a 27.1 percent year-over-year increase, with 1,017... — Updated 11/4/2019


Secrets To Making Your Home Look Like You Hired A Design Pro

Photo spreads in home design magazines can be awe-inspiring. Quite often homeowners wish they could lift the looks right off the pages of magazines and transform their own homes... — Updated 11/4/2019


Items To Get You Started On Creating Your Smart Home

Technology has changed the way people live in the 21st century. Once ubiquitous, land lines anchored to kitchen walls have now given way to smartphones that can be taken anywhere.... — Updated 11/4/2019


Make Moving Much Easier

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the average person in the United States changes residences more than 11 times in his or her lifetime. With each move, the process of moving may... — Updated 11/4/2019


Which Home Upgrades Are Worth It And Which Aren't

So if you're eager to sell - or just want to make some changes to test reactions - now's the time to save yourself some grief by learning which upgrades increase your house's value... — Updated 10/16/2019


Arrange Furniture, Design Rooms More Easily

Redesigning a room can involve several steps, from choosing a paint palette to taking down walls to buying new furniture. When it comes time to put the space back together, finding... — Updated 10/16/2019

 By Tim Carter    Real Estate

Ask The Builder: During Construction Is Best Time To Insulate Above Doors And Windows

Q: Tim, I need your expert opinion. I'm building a new home with 2-by-6 exterior walls. Beams have to be installed over the top of all windows and doors. What's a great way to... — Updated 10/16/2019


Fall Appeal: Tips and trends for homeowners, buyers and sellers

There are a variety of things that you can do to show off your home in the fall. Here's some of my favorite tips: Take care of exterior aesthetics. Piles of leaves or mounds of... — Updated 10/16/2019


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