The Brevard High varsity softball team remains undefeated after a dominant win over the Erwin Warriors on Friday night by a final score of 11-0 which ended during the fifth inning.

Though a slight hiccup occurred in the first inning with an Erwin player gaining a base-on-balls, it was otherwise quick work for pitcher Emma Bailey as two ground balls and a strikeout retired the side.

Abreanna Deshauteurs was granted first base with one out after a pitch grazed her side which was followed by a double from Claire Wilson to put runners on first and third.

Chloe Conley put the first point on the board for Brevard with a sacrifice fly ball to center field to make the score 1-0. Ciana Hall put point number two on the board with a ground ball into left field for an RBI single.

A strikeout was the final out of the first inning.

Two straight strikeouts from Bailey were hampered somewhat by a pair of base-on-balls on the next two batters and a pitch that went too high above the catcher’s head to move the runners to second and third.

Fortunately for Brevard, Bailey snuck in one more strikeout to end the proceedings and keep Brevard’s 2-0 lead.

With one out already recorded, Emma Powell managed a double and even moved to third after a groundout to first.

Unfortunately a second groundout ended the second inning and kept the score at 2-0.

The Warriors squeaked in two singles in the top of the third but otherwise it was three straight infield fly balls to retire the side.

The Lady Devils had the same luck in the bottom half of the inning with two singles accompanied by two groundouts and a fly ball to left field for a quick end to their offensive hopes. Erwin came close in the top of the fourth with two singles and a pair of stolen bases putting their runners on second and third. Sadly for them, three near-consecutive infield fly balls dashed those hopes.

Brevard was still in something of a rut in the bottom of the fourth with two groundouts to first followed by a strikeout that almost instantly ended the fourth inning.

The visiting Warriors very nearly scored in the top of the fifth after a ground ball to center field and a failed diving catch on a fly ball from Deshauteurs allowed runners to take first and third.

It wasn’t to be though as a ground out and two more infield fly balls (a recurring pattern in this game) put those hopes to bed.

The bottom of the fifth was where Brevard definitively seized the game for themselves.

A groundout on the first Lady Devil batter put one out on the board. Following that, a base-on-balls on Deshauteurs (who then proceeded to steal second base) allowed Wilson to capitalize with a single to put runners on first and third.

Conley completed an RBI single to put the score at 3-0, and the points kept coming from there.

Hall achieved an RBI double, and with the bases loaded after a base-on-balls on the next batter Annaleise Woodbury hit an RBI single to increase her team’s lead to 5-0.

Powell was the next batter to hit an RBI single to make the score 6-0.

Then Emma Anders and Leah Cabe both completed an RBI double each for a 9-0 score.

The final blow came from Wilson who hit another RBI double to punch in the final score of 11-0 with the game being called as ending at the bottom of the fifth inning.

The Lady Devils are at five wins and zero losses with their next game happening tonight at home against the Patton Panthers.


The Brevard varsity baseball team also played on Friday, coming away with an unfortunate lopsided loss against Tuscola High School by a final score of 13-4.

The two teams were almost at a stalemate in the beginning of the game with the first inning ending with a 2-1 Tuscola lead.

No scores occurred in the second inning and the third saw both teams notch one point a piece.

Another stalemate in the fourth inning was upended in the fifth with Tuscola bringing in three runs and Brevard with zero.

The Blue Devils scored in the sixth inning, but it was another lopsided scenario with a total of two points to Tuscola’s four.

The seventh and final inning was an unfortunate one for BHS as Tuscola once again scored three runs bringing the score to the 13-4 final total.

This puts Brevard’s record at two wins and two losses.

Their next game will be tonight at home against the Patton Panthers.

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