The Brevard High School cross country team remains dominant after claiming first place again in both men’s and women’s at the Oct. 12 Mini-White Squirrel 2 2021 meet.

The meet saw Brevard, A.C. Reynolds, Enka, Hendersonville, North Henderson and Chase also represented.

In the Men’s 5000-meter run, Knox Witherspoon and Townsend Dierauf claimed the first and third places, respectively.

Witherspoon finished with a time of 16 minutes and 16 seconds, while Dierauf finished with a time of 16 minutes and 52 seconds.

For comparison, an Enka runner who finished last place had a time of 24 minutes and eight seconds. The Brevard men finished their meet with a total of 24 points, first in their group, with Chase coming in last at 163 points.

The women runners had similar success.

While A.C. Reynolds claimed first, Brevard’s Lucy Murray and Lily Rogers claimed second and third, respectively.

Murray finished the 5000-meter run with a time of 19 minutes and 56 seconds, while Rogers finished in 22 minutes and 13 seconds. Brevard overall still came in first, with a total of 21 points, while Enka came in last with 76.

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