In spite of an admirable comeback attempt in the third period, the Rosman High varsity basketball team ultimately fell to the visiting Mitchell Mountaineers on Tuesday by a final score of 84-52.

Aaron Eubanks was the first to score for the Tigers after an initial Mountaineers layup to tie the game at 2-2. Carson Abram then scored right after a Mitchell three-pointer for a 5-4 score but the visiting team soon gained firm control of the game from then on. The Mountaineers took full advantage of gaps in the Tigers’ defense to score a multitude of layups in succession. Mason Meece and Marley McCall contributed seven more points off of two layups and a three-pointer, respectively, but the first period ended with a deficit of 26-11.

McCall opened the second period with another three-point bucket for a 26-14 score but Mitchell responded in kind with several three-pointers of their own to increase their lead to 38-15. But at this point something in the Tigers clicked as thanks to McCall and Mason Meece Rosman managed to shrink the deficit to 48-30 as the second period came to a close.

The three-pointers kept coming from Marley McCall with a couple more to boot coming from Kaesyn McCoy. Though they remained behind the Tigers managed to almost close a double digit deficit and tie the game up. However, the Mountaineers early head start made it an incredibly difficult obstacle to overcome. The third period buzzer ended with the away team still in the lead at 61-45.

A layup from Mason Meece and a layup-three pointer combo from Marley McCall was all she wrote for the Tigers in the fourth period as at 52 points they were stuck in limbo and unable to score further. Mitchell kept their offensive momentum going until the final buzzer where they claimed their 84-52 victory.

Despite the loss, the Tigers’ still performed admirably especially when it came to key players and scoring. Marley McCall led his team with 28 points in total for the game thanks in part to an astonishing seven three-pointers completed. Mason Meece came in second with 11 points and one completed three-point bucket, Kaesyn McCoy finished with six points off of two three-point buckets, both Carson Abram and Carson Lyday finished with three points each and Aaron Eubanks finished with two points.

The Tigers now stand at two wins and 13 losses in the regular season and zero wins and six losses in conference play. Their next game will be on Friday away against the Mountain Heritage Cougars.

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