The Lady Tigers basketball team notched another strong win against long time rivals the Brevard Blue Devils Friday night 65-36.

    Brevard's Abreanna Deshauteurs fired the first shot of the game with a two-pointer, giving her team a 2-0 lead to open.

    Lexi Powell and Alissa Cheek of the Tigers made them pay for it, though, with consecutive completed shots, making the score 4-2.     Speaking of Cheek, much like Brevard and Rosman's season opening contest against each other, the sophomore carried the heavy lifting for her team with the first of three overall three-point shots in the game.

    After Cheek's second three pointer, Rosman entrenched a significant lead that they held for the rest of the game. With two minutes and 20 seconds left in the first quarter, the Tigers were ahead 12-4.

    Every time Brevard completed a shot, Rosman answered back with equal or greater force. Kyndall Harrison sunk her own three point shot near the end of the quarter, and subsequently finished it with a layup and a 19-8 advantage for her team.

    Brevard opened the second quarter with two completed shots, the second coming from Shaniya Cook, making the score 21-12.

    Rosman continued their three-point shot dominance as Reagan Chapman completed her own extending that lead to 25-12 with five minutes and 45 seconds left in the quarter.

    Cheek, showing why she was the MVP of the night, completed several two-point shots in a row, along with a pair of free throws, giving her team a 35-14 lead. For Brevard, Liz Chapman completed a three-point shot, but it was answered in kind by Cheek with her third three-point shot. This ended the second quarter with a 45-17 advantage for the Tigers.

    The third quarter opened with Brevard gaining six points and Rosman two, but a stalemate ensued for several minutes afterward.

    Stealing passes, blocking shots, and in some cases losing control of the ball to where it would drift out of bounds defined this brief period of the game.             Eventually, with one minute and 20 seconds left, Cook broke the dry spell with a layup, bringing the score to 47-25. The final bit of offense in the third quarter came from Chapman with two completed free throws, ending it 49-25.

    Opening the final quarter with a bang, Brevard sank a three-point shot to make the score 49-28. Rosman's Chapman gained four points for her team in kind with a layup and two completed free throws. Powell kept that momentum going with a three-point shot and two free throws, buttressed by an Aiken Madison shot and Cheek with two free throws of her own, extending Rosman's lead to 61-30. With around two minutes left in the game at this point,     Brevard did their best to close the gap but could only go so far. Madison gave the Tigers their final two points while on Brevard's side that final score came within seconds of the closing buzzer, ending the game with a 65-36 Rosman victory.

    This makes Rosman's current standing at four wins and no losses. Their next game at home tomorrow against Polk County has been cancelled because of Polk being in quarantine due to COVID-19.

    The Lady Devils' official record is currently no wins and two losses.

    They will play away at West Henderson on Wednesday.

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