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Linotype Brass Fotomat Necklace

  • Linotype Brass Fotomat Necklace - $25.00    (ID: 29864202)

    For over a century, the Linotype was essential for production of newspapers around the world. It was a massive, intricate machine with a molten lead reservoir and a 90-character keyboard, and magazines full of brass matrixes that bore a letter or punctuation mark. Each keystroke dropped a brass matrix, or "mat," into place, creating a “line o’ type” which was cast in lead and assembled in a type case. After printing, the lead was melted and the brass mats were reused. These rare photomaps were created during the transition from hot lead type to photo typesetting, and were used in the Intertype Fototronic machine. Rather than having a character on the side of that was cast into lead, they featured a transparent letter window in the middle of the mat that was photographed. These beautiful mats have been strung on a matching brass chain to create a distinctive piece of jewelry. SPECIFY WHAT LETTER YOU WANT IN THE SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS FIELD DURING CHECKOUT.


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