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By John Lanier

Former Police Chief To Investigate Attempts To Buy Vitalie Property


Former Brevard Police Chief Dennis Wilde is investigating whether or not there was any wrongdoing when the town of Rosman attempted to purchase the former Peter Vitalie property.

Rosman Town Attorney Donald Barton told the audience at Tuesday night’s Rosman Board of Aldermen meeting that the town had retained Brevard attorney Jim Kimzey to investigate the situation. In turn, he said Kimzey has hired Wilde to conduct the actual investigation.

At its August meeting, the Board of Aldermen voted unanimously to investigate the town’s failed attempt to purchase the Peter Vitalie property. The property was sold on Jan. 18 of this year to Blue Mountain Dynamics LLC for $299,000.

At the board’s June 14 meeting, Mayor Brian Shelton said the bank wanted to close on the property by Dec. 23, 2010, but the town did not receive the environmental impact study until Dec. 19. The report showed high levels of two toxic substances at the site.

At the board’s July meeting, Shelton was asked why the town did not receive the environmental impact study until Dec. 19 when it had been available months earlier. Shelton said he did not know.

Barton told the board at its August meeting that it would have to hire another attorney to conduct the investigation because he could be a potential witness.

Barton said that Wilde will do an “excellent job” as investigator.

“The town should feel very comfortable with him,” said Barton, who noted that Wilde is a Rosman High School graduate and has an affinity for Rosman.

He said Wilde would have access to all records, including the minutes of opening meetings and closed sessions.

He also said Wilde would be talking with members of the board and anyone else who might have knowledge of the failed attempt to purchase the property.

Barton said anyone who has information regarding the investigation could call Wilde at 883-4952 or 553-0972.

In another legal matter, Barton said the investigation into whether or not a third party contractor with the town had acted illegally has been turned over to the District Attorney’s office for investigation.

“They will be handling that matter from this time forward,” said Barton.

Barton said board members and town residents should feel confident in those who are conducting the two investigations.


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