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County Students Take Top Honors In Science


Transylvania County students Erika Williams, Kris Petterson and Kaitlin McCreery won first place honors at the Western Region Student Academy of Science competition on Feb. 18 and will advance to the state competition on March 23.

Left to right are Erika Williams, Kris Petterson and Kaitlin McCreery, pictured with their advisor Jennifer Williams, won first honors at the Western Region Student Academy of Science competition.

McCreery presented her research on the “Investigation of the germination of Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis zoospores at low cell densities,” while Williams and Petterson discussed their work on the “Isolation, identification and characterization of endophytes from Cherokee medicinal plants.” Their advisor, Jennifer Williams, expressed appreciation for all who attended presentations given prior to Saturday’s competition, noting that their feedback was invaluable. Williams also offered special thanks to Meredith Tooley, Kent Wilcox, Mary Arnaudin, Cindy Carpenter, Joyce Longcore, and the Burroughs Wellcome Fund for their help on the projects.

Like the Science Fair, the NC Student Academy of Science seeks to foster student interest in science.  NCSAS is distinctive in holding competitions at the District and State levels for students who have completed research projects, requiring both a paper and an oral presentation, and providing an opportunity for students to receive personal feedback from research scientists in their field.


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