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Tour To Satisfy ‘Hunger’ Fans


Last updated 3/21/2012 at 5:10pm

Emma Moore (left) and Tammy Hopkins reenact a scene from “The Hunger Games” at Triple Falls in DuPont State Recreational Forest during a recent media tour. The Triple Falls area was used for roughly seven different scenes in the upcoming movie, according to Hopkins. The movie will premier locally tonight at midnight at the Co-ed Cinema. (Times photo by Eric Crews)

The DuPont State Recreational Forest is poised to get a whole new class of visitors following the release of the Hunger Games movie.

No longer will visitors be interested solely in viewing the waterfalls, lush forests and rocky peaks that have made DuPont renowned as a top tourist destination in recent years.

Beginning this summer, Hunger Games Fan Tours will begin taking paying customers on tours of the filming locations in the forest, showing off the sites where the movie, which many believe will be the biggest blockbuster of the year, was filmed.

The tours were conceptualized and designed by Tammy Hopkins and Leigh Trapp.

Participants of the tour can choose from either a three-day tour or a one-day tour.

During the three-day tour, participants will learn survival skills at Earthshine Mountain Lodge, take a nighttime zipline tour and get a full tour of the filming locations in DuPont.

Participants will also get to experience feasts of “authentic ‘Hunger Games’” meals.

At Earthshine Mountain Lodge, teaching orienteering, fire building skills and survival skills is what they do everyday with school groups, Hopkins said.

“We are going to be adding the archery, the slingshot and the whole Hunger Games twist to it,” she said.

“Our goal is to really give people the opportunity to come out here and see the sights and experience what it was like for all their favorite characters, but also to live in that world because that immersive world is so important to fans today,” Trapp said.

The tours, which will be limited to 28 participants per tour, will teach skills such as archery, slingshot, firebuilding, shelter building and camouflaging.

“We are really excited about giving people an authentic experience and also showcasing this area and making sure we pay tribute and respect not only to the story, but to the area as well,” Trapp said.

Trapp said that forest officials have been helpful in working with them to coordinate the trips, sharing their experiences of the filming and providing detailed information about filming locations in DuPont.

While DuPont Forest is known for its beauty throughout the year, the summer and fall seasons are particularly busy.

With nearly 190,000 visitors last year, it was very important for Trapp and Hopkins to minimize their impact on the forest.

“Leigh and I have worked closely with David Brown and Bruce MacDonald at DuPont to study the locations and design a guided tour that will be fun and safe around waterfalls,” Hopkins said.

Trapp agreed.

“Our goal is to bring people in in a way that is reasonable, respectful and safe,” Trapp said.

The cost of the single-day tours is $79 per person. For a three-day weekend with lodging at Earthshine Mountain Lodge, the cost is $389.

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Hunger Scenes

Viewers of the “Hunger Games” movie interested in pinpointing exactly which scenes were filmed in DuPont State Recreational Forest will certainly recognize some of the most iconic locations, such as Triple Falls, but other shots might not be so obvious, according to Hopkins.

The Triple Falls filming location was the site of what Hopkins expects will be one of the more spectacular shots in the movie, when Katniss can be seen running along the top of Triple Falls.

Filmmakers rigged cables and other equipment to ensure the actress’s safety during the filming, she said.

“We want to make sure that people know that movie magic was used to show Katniss run across Triple Falls,” she said.

In addition to the spectacular waterfall running shot, there will be a couple of shots of Katniss, who is played by Jennifer Lawrence, searching for Peeta along the rocks at Triple Falls, Hopkins said.

In total, Hopkins believes about seven different scenes were filmed around Triple Falls, but she said she can’t be sure until she sees the film with everyone else at the premier tonight at midnight.

Other notable scenes in the movie filmed in DuPont include a battle scene between sword wielding characters that was filmed in a swampy area above the covered bridge near High Falls, multiple scenes shot around Bridal Veil Falls and an exciting action sequence involving Katniss running through exploding trees, Hopkins said.

“There will be several shots of her running through the woods on fire,” Hopkins said.

Hopkins said that while the fiery scenes in the film will certainly look spectacular, no trees in the forest were actually burned during the filming of the movie.

Filmmakers used propane to cause model trees made of metal to burst into flames as the actress ran through the forest.


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