By William Douglas
Special To The Times 

BLT’s Youth Are Delightful In ‘The House At Pooh Corner’ – Brevard NC


Brevard Little Theatre’s Youth Troupe summer production of A.A. Milne’s delightful story, “The House At Pooh Corner,” is playing for a one weekend run at the American Legion Hall in Brevard.

Adapted by Bettye Knapp, the play brings together all the wonderful Pooh characters, including Christopher Robin, who has decided to run away with all his friends from the hundred-acre wood. A wonderful group of young actors are on hand to bring these characters to life on the BLT stage.

Sonia Arnold, the show’s producer and director, is ably assisted by Sandi Thompson. Together they have assembled a very talented cast that proves the future of community theatre in Brevard is in very good hands.

Local youth who are not away on vacation need to hurry to the hundred-acre wood where they’ll find the best hour and a half vacation they could hope for, as they enjoy “The House At Pooh Corner.” These are truly memorable characters that everyone will love, have no fear of that. Because, as Pooh says… “A fat jolly animal never harms anyone.”

The set design, thanks to Ted Heimerdinger is excellent, colorful, fills the stage and works well. The costumes are truly marvelous, thanks to Arnold, Thompson, Whitney Aubrey, Ashli Arnold and the Flat Rock Playhouse.

When all involved in a production come together as one cohesive unit, “magic” truly happens on the stage. All the hours of work and production problems that are inherent in almost every production seem to disappear. When that happens, the result is a show like “The House At Pooh Corner.”

Elly Leidner gives a delightful performance as Winnie-the-Pooh, as does Mary Grace Aubrey as Piglet.

Kolbe Murrey, as Christopher Robin, is just as I would have imagined Christopher to be.

Meredith Hooper as Owl, Melanie Owen as Kanga, Marli Cohen as Roo, and Connor Leidner as Eeyore are delightful.

Caroline Owen brings a tremendous amount of energy to the stage in the role of Tigger. All I can say is… “Grrrrrrrr-reat!”

Equally entertaining are Ellen Murrey as Rabbit. Savanna Kawa as Early, Abby McCall as Late, Jenna Kawa as Punk (short for punctual), Salem Jackson as Small and Carlie Baker as Baby Rabbit. Congratulations to the entire cast for a job well done!

When thinking about attending one of this weekend’s performances, it might pay to remember one of the remarks made by Kanga, who says, “Being in deep thought is like being in deep water. It requires action!” That action, in this writer’s opinion, is to call the box office at BLT and make your reservations.

“The House At Pooh Corner” runs for four performances: Thursday and Friday at 8 p.m., with a Saturday and Sunday matinee performance at 3 p.m. Reservations can be made for all performances by calling the BLT Box Office at 884-2587. For more information and a video clip, visit the BLT website at


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