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By Jeremiah Reed
Staff Writer 

The Haven Closes For Two Weeks – Transylvania County NC


Officials for The Haven, Transylvania County’s homeless shelter, have announced the facility is temporarily closed for a two-week period and will re-open Monday, Aug. 13.

According to a statement from officials at The Haven, the closing is “necessary in order to maintain safety systems, have them inspected for insurance purposes and paint the walls, reseal the floors and the bunk beds without putting our residents in harms way.”

The Haven is located on Caldwell Street, behind the Bread of Life. Construction on the current location began in January 2011 and was completed last October.

In their statement, The Haven officials said they had worked to provide their residents permanent housing and that a “few others have been provided with accommodations during these two weeks.”

Linda McCready, executive director for The Sharing House, said they were accepting donations from the public to help those in need during The Haven’s temporary closure.

“We certainly will be collecting donations of toiletries, types of food that people can use when they are in the forest. Tents and sleeping bags are also greatly appreciated,” she said.

McCready said The Sharing House was currently depleted of tents and camping supplies, as they provided some of the summer camps with such equipment.

Graham Ganner, client services manager for The Sharing House, said the organization provided six sleeping bags as well as firewood, for people who had been displaced.


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