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Trio Will Bike 450 Miles To Promote BC Awareness


David Joyce, Lynne Joyce and Phillip Jerome

While the trio won’t quite ride their bikes from sea to shining sea, Brevard College President David Joyce, his wife Lynne and college trustee Phillip Jerome will hit the road Sunday for a demanding 450-mile BC awareness and fund-raising effort.

The ride is part of a Cycle North Carolina event that will find some 1,200 riders participating and, for the first time in its 14 year history, it begins on the Brevard College campus. The cyclists will cover approximately 60 miles a day in the event hosted by North Carolina Amateur Sports.

While most folks have trouble imagining riding a bicycle more than a few miles, these serious bikers are taking it all in stride. For Dr. Joyce, in fact, this might just be a warm-up. His personal best is a 1,000 mile ride from North Carolina to Massachusetts to benefit breast cancer in 2003.

“When it comes to Biking, David Joyce is a beast,” said BC Trustee Don Moore. “Several friends and I hiked the new Bracken Mountain Trail recently. We found it slick, muddy, uphill and quite challenging. A few days later, I learned that Dr. Joyce had biked that same trail non-stop several days before we hiked it. I had great respect for him already, but after learning that, my respect went up another notch.”

College Trustee Jerome, president of Jerome and Summey Insurance, said, “I’m really looking forward to this route and seeing our beautiful state with more than 1,000 other riders. This is just one more way for us to connect with alumni, prospective students and parents. It will provide a wonderful opportunity to showcase the great things that are happening at Brevard College.”

“It doesn’t get any better than this,” Dr. Joyce said. “What better way is there to see our state’s charming landscape and communities, get in some physical activity, promote the college, focus on our hugely successful cycling program and, maybe, raise a few dollars in the process?”

The fundraising aspect of the adventure kicks in as Team BC asks for individuals to support the college by committing a dollar amount pledge for every mile ridden. Contributions will be used to help cover equipment and travel costs for college athletic teams, to promote community service through the BC Office of Multicultural and Service Initiatives, and to fund needs-based student scholarships through the BC Loyalty Fund.

If you are interested in participating call (828) 884-8315, or email a desired contribution to

(Morgan is a retired journalist and journalism professor.)


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