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Last updated 12/19/2012 at 12:22pm

This is in response to J.R. Shull’s letter concerning no sheriff’s service in Lake Toxaway area.

I have been a member of Sheriff Mahoney’s advisory board since its conception six years ago, and a volunteer in the VIP program for five years; and I have a good understanding of how the Sheriff’s Department is run. Shull’s letter in no way describes this department.

First, Shull should have contacted Sheriff Mahoney personally, but he never made this call.

To say that Slick Fisher Road and the Lake Toxaway area is not patrolled is false. Several times each week members of our volunteer department patrol the Slick Fisher and the Lake Toxaway area. As we patrol our county, our paths cross with Sheriff Office deputies as they are patrolling our county, and Slick Fisher Road is no exception

Shull failed to say his initial call to the Sheriff’s office was about possible poachers on his property. That is why he was referred to the Game Warden.

He said he talked to a lieutenant and was told extra patrols would be ordered. This was a proper response as no one was actively violating Shull or any of his rights.

Extra patrols were all that could have been done. Concerning the lack of funding and manpower, and the difference between Brevard Police Department and the Sheriff’s Office is simply this: The Brevard Police Department is one of the best police departments around, but they also have problems catching people committing crimes as the crimes occur. The homes they patrol and protect are located on patrolled streets. The Sheriff’s Office, on the other hand, does not have the funds or the manpower to patrol every driveway leading to a home or personal property in the county.

Shull has the same problem that all law enforcement personnel have. The criminal element doesn’t supply him or them with a schedule of their planned activity as to time and location.

If people are not satisfied with what they are told by any member of the Sheriff’s Office, they should contact Sheriff Mahoney and talk to him personally.

Gerald Leopard


(Leopard is an SV-27-Advisory Board Member)


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