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The Get Right Band To Play In Brevard


The Get Right Band

When Asheville’s The Get Right Band takes to the Phoenix Lounge stage Saturday, Feb. 16, they’ll bring with them a palpable sense of energy. Fresh from a tour of the U.S. Virgin Islands and with their first album less than a week away, the 9 p.m. show will feature the three-piece rock group at arguably the most exciting junction of their career thus far. Primed to share their new music with the multitudes, vocalist and lead guitar player Silas Durocher spoke with Backstage Pass about the hard work that has led to the band’s current peak.

Question: How did The Get Right Band form?

Answer: Jesse Gentry (The Get Right Band’s bassist) and I have been playing music together since middle school. We moved to different areas after high school but stayed close friends. In 2009, I was part of putting together a band called Soulgrass Rebellion with singer/guitarist Oso Rey and drummer Chris Pyle. After about a year, the original bassist left the band, so I convinced Jesse to move to Asheville to join Soulgrass. We toured for a while with that cast of musicians, but eventually Oso decided to get off the road to be with his family and new child. The other three of us wanted to keep touring and playing, so Chris, Jesse, and I reformed as The Get Right Band about a year and a half ago. It took us a little while to find our own identity outside of Soulgrass Rebellion, eventually clicking into a sound that was much more rock and funk than Soulgrass.

Q: You recently returned from three weeks of shows in the U.S. Virgin Islands and had a two-week Caribbean tour in 2012. What’s it like playing in the tropics while folks back home are freezing?

A: Touring in the Caribbean is absolutely fantastic. We started going every year four years ago. We all love the beach and hate the winter, so it’s a perfect tour for us. The natural beauty in those islands is stunning. We feel so blessed to get to spend every day we’re down there swimming, Hiking, snorkeling, Kayaking, and just generally adventuring all day and playing music all night. Spending the days like that builds up so much inspiration that we can put into the music at night. And it gives us a lot of inspiration to bring back to our shows in the states. We just got back a few days ago, so we’ll definitely be bringing a lot of that island energy to our upcoming shows.

Q: Your debut album “Shake” will be released on Feb. 22. If a documentary film crew had followed you into the studio, what would they have seen?

A: We’re incredibly excited about the release of “Shake.” We put a lot of work and a lot of love into that recording and we’re so proud of how it turned out. The reaction from our close friends and family who’ve heard it already has been really enthusiastic. We can’t wait to share it with everyone else on the 22!

A lot of the work for the album happened in pre-production, so if a documentary crew had filmed the process, it would have needed to start there. The songs we recorded are tunes we’ve been playing live already, road testing them on our tours as much as possible. In the pre-production process, we really dug into the songs deeply, thinking about how we wanted to produce them, how they needed to be changed to work best for a recording versus live, and how we could make them sound as strong and powerful as possible.

The recording process itself was quite quick. We spent three days in Asheville’s Sedgwick Studio laying down all the tracks. It was a blast to work at that studio. They really get an incredible sound. Then we went to CollapseAble Studios, also in Asheville, to mix the album with Aaron Price. A lot of the production creativity happens during the mixing. It’s great to be part of a band that isn’t afraid to experiment in the studio. What happens if we put an echo on the vocals here? What happens if we take out this guitar part on the first verse and then bring it back in on the second verse? How many layers of percussion can we fit into this one song? We had so much fun every step of the way, and I really think that comes across in the music. This is a fun album. It’s rock n’ roll. It’s meant to be listened to loud, to be sung along to, to be played with the windows down on a hot summer night.

Q: Will the Phoenix Lounge audience hear songs from the new album, or are you saving those tracks for the CD release party at the Asheville Music Hall?

A: We will definitely be playing songs from the album at the Phoenix Lounge. We want people to hear these songs as much as possible and we’re excited for our listeners to hear the difference between the recorded versions of songs and the live versions. We do a lot of improvising live, sometimes stretching the songs out much longer than the recorded versions. And, of course, the recorded versions have some instruments on them that we don’t do live as a trio, so that’s an interesting difference too.

Q: What does the rest of 2013 have in store for The Get Right Band?

A: The biggest thing we’re excited about is promoting this CD. We’ll spend 2013 touring, selling CDs, and mailing the discs off to people in the industry that we think might dig it. And as always, we’ll be working on new tunes, new covers, and new ways to be creative with our live show.


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