Exceptional Landfill


I took a field trip to the landfill yesterday with four other “People for Clean Mountains” in an attempt to track and take responsibility for my own garbage. I wanted to see just what went on up there. My first impression 13 years ago when we cleaned out the old farmstead that we bought was that they just took our stuff and dumped it over into a mountain valley so it could rot. How wrong I was!

This is a multi-million dollar operation funded by our county taxes and the money brought in by selling our recycling: an intricate, elaborate, scientifically-designed series of systems carefully created to keep us from killing each other by spreading cholera and dysentery, and by spreading poisonous chemical pollution throughout our precious water and our air.

It took hours to explain to us the entire process involved, but I can only say “Thank God for big government!” which takes our waste and cast-off stuff, and packs it down and purifies it so we can have a healthy atmosphere here, so we can breathe clean air and drink clean water from our wells and thrive into our old age without dying of self-inflicted diarrhea like they do in Third World countries.

To shut our landfill down to profit a bunch of New York investors would be a huge mistake, a huge waste of millions of our tax dollars, because those investors are not promising the same meticulous processing of our waste stream to protect our lives that we have now.

Elizabeth Peryam Reshower

Pisgah Forest


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