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Soil And Water Conservation Cost Share Programs Sign-Up Period Begins July 15 – Transylvania County NC


Cost-sharing programs provide financial assistance for farmers who implement best management practices, such as fencing off streams to prevent cattle from causing erosion and polluting the stream. (Courtesy photos)

The Transylvania County Soil & Water Conservation District (TCSWCD) is currently accepting applications (July 15-Aug. 15) for the N.C. Agriculture Cost Share Program (NCACSP) and the Agriculture Water Resources Assistance Program (AgWRAP).

All SWCD programs are voluntary and are funded through the N.C. Department of Agriculture, Division of Soil & Water Conservation, and are administered through the TCSWCD to fund the installation of various Best Management Practices (BMP’s) to improve water quality or quantity.

The NCACSP and AgWRAP can pay up to 75 percent of the costs for installation of these and other accepted agriculture-related BMP’s. To be eligible, there must be an existing water quality or quantity problem. The BMP’s must be designed by TCSWCD and be maintained for ten years.

To sign up for a program or for more information, call Jeff Parker at the Transylvania County Soil & Water Conservation District at 884-3230. Also learn more by visiting http://www.transylvaniacounty. org/soilwater.

The following are list of best management practices in both programs:

Ag Cost Share Accepted BMP’s

•Stream Protection Systems

• Livestock Exclusion (fencing)

• Livestock Watering Tanks • Cropland Conversion

• Ag Road Stabilization • Stock Trail

• Stream Crossings

•Diversions/Grassed Waterways

• Feed Pads

Providing cattle cisterns for drinking is a best management practice.

• Riparian Buffers

• Abandoned Well Closure

• Ag. Well

• Riparian Buffers

•Agrichemical Hand-ling/Mixing Facilities and Backflow Prevention

AgWrap BMP’s

•Agricultural Well

•Micro-Irrigation System

•Consv. Irrigation

•And More BMPs


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