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Rosman High Students 'Catch Fire' – Rosman NC


Norman Rogers,teacher Alana Marshall and Breanna Galloway helped sort canned food that was collected in The Hob. (Times photos by Michael Rogers)

The Capitol and District 12 were on full display during "Catching Fire" Day at Rosman Middle and High School media center Thursday.

The brainstorm of the school's library media specialist, Sarah Justice, the day celebrated the opening of "Catching Fire," a movie based on the second young adult novel in the "Hunger Games" series by Suzanne Collins, a series most of the teens had read either in class or on their own.

Throughout the day, crowds of students entered the media center bearing one or more cans of food-the only currency accepted at The Hob, the local black market.

The school's OCS students, who had priced all the items in Ripper's Exchange and Greasy Sae's shop in The Hob and were working the store throughout the day, would eventually take the donated cans to one of the local food pantries.

There was a lot to do! Blue Ridge Community College Esthetics Tech and Nail Tech students, a couple of them recent Rosman High School graduates, painted nails, styled hair, and made up faces and eyes, transforming middle and high school girls and even some of the boys into the glamorous Capitol elite.

They were being readied for their photo op with Katniss and Peeta at the photo booth across the room.

The local Subway restaurants were generous enough to allow Katniss and Peeta to join the students for the day.

Other students made duck tape flowers at President Snow's Rose Garden or crafted miniature bows and arrows out of balsawood at Everdeen's Archery, all following intricate instructions posted on the tables. A group of burly high schoolers hovered over a "Catching Fire" puzzle.

"They're obsessed," laughed Justice. "They have to match up symbols on the pieces in order to put it together. It's much harder than a normal puzzle!"

Morgan Hoxit and Sarah Justice make for an unforgettable duo.

Some tried their skills at archery on a Wii set up between the bookshelves, while others helped themselves to Nightlock berry juice or hot chocolate at Mallark Café.

As the bell rang to change classes, they reluctantly gathered their book bags to return to reality with only a few reminders of a delightful hour: a piece of bubble gum or penny candy stuffed in a jeans pocket or gorgeous butterfly eyes painted on beautiful young faces.

Oh, and the educational value? Math, English, social studies, Art, and physical education were all on display here, along with service learning, community and higher education partnerships, teacher collaboration, and - most definitely - promotion of a love of reading. But the best lesson of the day? Learning is fun!


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