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Last updated 11/29/2013 at 11:59am

Besides not publishing every day, community newspapers such as The Transylvania Times differ from daily papers in other ways. Unlike dailies, we do not subscribe to the Associated Press or any wire services. The size of our news department is much smaller. Our news staff consists of five people total; many daily newspapers have that many people or more in just their sports department.

Given these limitations, the success of a community newspaper depends upon the community itself. We are very grateful for this community because there are dozens, if not hundreds of people, who provide stories, photographs, etc.

For years we have had “community” or “country” correspondents provide information on who is sick and healing, who is traveling and who is visiting and the events that are occurring in the county’s outlying communities. For providing that service this year, we would like to thank Watt and Wendy McCain for the See Off News; Jim Grodnik for the Connestee Falls News: Linda Young and Christine Pace for the Cedar Mountain News; Catherine Kitchen for the Balsam Grove News; John Hanson for the Etowah News; Joetta Owen and Paul Bezanker for the Lake Toxaway News; Fran Johnson for the Cathey’s Creek News; Mary Lou Rhodes and Margaret Kilstrom for the Little River News; Dian Parton for the Rosman News; and Renee Moody for the Sapphire-Whitewater News.

We also have a number of columnists who write weekly. While the writing itself may not be difficult, it can be quite challenging to find a different topic week after week after week. So we’d like to thank our volunteer columnists: Norma and Bill Siebenheller for the Birds in Focus; Bill Harrah for the Internet Ranger, as well as numerous stories, columns and photos for Sharing House and other organizations; and Marcy Thompson for digging through the library’s collection of historical photos and giving them some context in Picturing the Past; and Lodema Crowell for the listing of new books at the library.

One of the hidden gems of this county is the Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute (PARI). John Avant provides much of the news from PARI and Dr. Bob Hayward provides the Mountain Skies column complete with graphics twice a month.

Rodrigo Vargas and Judy Nebrig are kind enough to write the El Centro column in English and Spanish every other week as they help assimilate the Latino community into the community at large.

We have two columns with rotating contributors: Everyday Education and Master Gardener. Betsy Burrows and Holly Goodspeed respectively not only write articles for those columns, but also schedule other contributors to those columns. We appreciate the work of Burrows, Goodspeed and those who write those columns.

Two other people who have greatly contributed are Ray Tuers and Jane Warth. Ray used to write the Connestee Falls News, but since his “retirement” from that volunteer position, he has written many pieces and taken many photographs for the Boys & Girls Club, the Children’s center, the Brevard Philharmonic, etc. Warth, a member of the Friends of the Library, writes a well-researched, comprehensive monthly article about the latest display in the county library.

In last Monday’s paper, we had 14 sports pages. While sports editor Robbie Robertson did a great deal of the work, it could not have been done without the assistance of Paul Morgan. Morgan, a former journalist and journalism professor, has been most gracious in lending his time and talents to write in-depth stories throughout the year about athletics at Brevard College.

In addition to our regular volunteer writers, there are also a number of people whom we have called on year-round to take photographs of events our staff may be unable to attend. They include Billy Ragland, Stacie Dotson, Dan Bennett, Neil Hayes, Tom Dierolf, and Scotty Ruff, who also covers the Rosman High football team for us.

And then there are the dozen of individuals who submit articles and photos from their various organizations, ranging from the Brevard Little Theatre and Arts Council to area churches and the VFW Auxiliary.

Surely as the sun rises, we have overlooked some people who voluntarily contribute to this paper on a fairly regular basis, and for that we apologize in advance.

We wish to express our heartfelt appreciation for all of those people who contribute to our efforts in making this a truly community newspaper, as well as our faithful readers. Thank you, and happy Thanksgiving.


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