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First Responders Are Terrific


Last updated 12/2/2013 at 9:16am

I live in the Middlemount Subdivision off Wilson Road, next to Glen Cannon Country Club.

A little over a month ago, on a late Sunday evening just after dark, a person ran off the road going down the mountain. The car flipped and rolled over 80 feet straight down the embankment landing on its top. The car was so far down that it couldn’t be seen from the road.

Within minutes after being called, first responders began to arrive in the pitch dark. They rigged lights, cables, ropes and slid down this treacherous mountainside on their backs and stomachs, through splintered trees, thorn bushes, rocks, and I am sure poison ivy to reach this car which was resting wheels up with the driver trapped inside.

There were responders from EMS, fire, ambulance and police all working frantically in very difficult and dangerous conditions to try to save the life of the driver, a complete stranger to them. These responders literally risked their own lives in this effort. Thankfully, after working more than one and half hours, they were able to winch the driver up the embankment on a gurney and transport him in a helicopter to Mission Hospital.

I am happy to say that the driver did survive and is now recovering.

I have learned that almost all of the first responders who risked their lives were volunteers from this wonderful community we live in. They weren’t paid anything to put their lives at risk for a complete stranger.

On behalf of all the residents of Middlemount, I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to all of the police, firefighters, ambulance drivers, and ems personnel who responded that night.

During this Christmas season, let’s all say a prayer for the safety and health of each and every one of them.

Tim Medford



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