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Do Not Fear The Cloud


I read Bill Harrah’s column “We’re In The Cloud Now.” I had to write in and help people who agree with the statements: 1) We trust our treasure to a technology no one understands and 2) Users only need a subscription (license) to access it [their data on the cloud]. With the world of IT (information technology) moving so fast, one needs to embrace it and not perpetuate fear.

For those of us who don’t understand how to use any of the Apple products/technology we have trusted our treasures to, go to All user guides and any common question is listed. Apple has a full chat staff and an AppleCare team at 1-800-APL-CARE to help us. These are not just phones. They are computers that just “happen” to have phones in them.

Second. The iCloud is free. Our information is stored on the cloud and if it wasn’t for this simple backup that is done via WiFi — yes that’s right no cables, no cords, unlike Harrah’s 13 year old PC — in a matter of minutes. It’s easy! I don’t need to understand it.

Fear is not the answer. Clouds, no cables, WiFi, and the Internet are the answers. This is why Brevard needs to embrace the technological future like Seattle did a long time ago. We will attract more technology firms here for jobs.

I encourage anyone who doesn’t understand the iCloud or their iPhone to use their resources.

Do not live in fear. There is no reason. What’s a person going to do when his PC crashes? We are going to get a new device, log in and boom, all our information, our contacts, our notes, our calendars, our email is going to be just how we left it. Why? Because it was backed up real time to the cloud. That’s without a cable, a PC and fear. We don’t need an IT guy. We have the cloud.

B.J. Winchester



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