Is Obama Like Reagan?


The letter “Political Appointees And Ambassadors” (Feb. 20) reported that “...37 percent of Obama’s 76 appointments have been political, compared to 30 percent by George W. Bush and 28 percent by Bill Clinton.” That could suggest to reactionary readers that Obama was providing more political appointments than the typical president. However, an article in the Tampa Bay Times reported that George H. W. Bush’s percentage was 31, and Ronald Reagan’s and Gerald Ford’s percentages were 38 percent. Jimmy Carter’s percentage was the lowest at 27.

The article concludes “... Obama has made a higher percentage of political disappointments than his three immediate predecessors, but at about the same rate as Ronald Reagan and Gerald Ford.”

That’s not the only thing that Reagan and Obama have in common. Barack is at least in as much awe of Michelle as Ronnie was of Nancy.

The letter then quotes the junior senator from Florida to little avail — that’s the senator who will say anything or do anything to get his name in print. He also has difficulty maintaining a position on any issue, for example on immigration reform. And like many in the repatriate community, he opposes normalization of relations with Cuba.

Can you tell? I don’t like him and I don’t trust him. I avoid saying his name.

Palmer O. Hanson Jr.

Largo, Fla.


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