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Rose Baltezore

City of Brevard employees were recognized last Thursday for "outstanding job performance."

The Brevard's Best Awards program has been introduced to reward, recognize and thank those individuals who work for the city and consistently demonstrate its core values of transparency, accountability, ethics, professionalism and leadership.

The newly created awards are meant to celebrate the exceptional work, commitment, and creativity of employees making a notable contribution to city residents. Recipients are peer-nominated either intradepartmentally or cross-departmentally.

There are five categories of excellence an employee may be nominated for:

• Outstanding Ethical Conduct and Integrity.

This award recognizes the employee who most consistently demonstrates characteristics of honesty, pride, transparency, accountability, and outstanding ethical behavior within the workplace and within the community.

2013 Winner: Shirley Hutchins, senior customer service representative (Hutchins was unable to attend the award ceremony.)

• Excellence in Service and Professionalism.

This award recognizes the employee who strives most diligently to use his/her experience, skills, and/or knowledge to address citizen needs with courtesy, compassion, timeliness, efficiency and commitment.

2013 Winner: Rose Baltezore, meter technician.

• Outstanding Leadership

This award recognizes the employee who most effectively demonstrates outstanding leadership (regardless of the position), and who, in this role, serves as a mentor and teacher to others and assists the City of Brevard to live up to the city's mission and lead the city to its vision.

2013 Winner: Shawn Miller, deputy police chief.

• Continuous Improvement.

This award recognizes the employee who has improved service/performance delivery most significantly by balancing citizen needs, departmental needs, resources, innovation, and core values to consistently perform above and beyond the requirements of the position.

2013 Winner: Debbie McCrary, communications supervisor.

• Rising Star.

This award recognizes the employee who has enthusiastically incorporated all of the City of Brevard's core values into his/her job performance. The employee who receives this award consistently meets all the necessary core values of transparency, accountability, ethics, professionalism, and leadership of the city.

2013 Winner: Danny Godman, detective.

Shawn Miller


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