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No To Naysayers


Jim Wright’s April 14 letter regarding the naysayers to progress in county government and the populace at large was spot on. Imagine our community without the wonderful new library. With the explosion of and national recognition of Transylvania County as a cycling mecca, the Rails to Trails project would cement our reputation with cyclists. The Assault on the Carolinas now fills to 1,000 every year with riders from across the country. I’m certain that a lot of those riders fantasize about moving here and some, with the mobility of so many Web based entrepreneurs, may make it a reality.

Another piece of progress lacking is an urban park/open space. Every livable city, especially in Europe, has one and they contribute a tremendous cohesive element to the fabric of the community. Imagine New York City without Central Park which had its share of naysayers over 100 years ago. An ideal spot and opportunity for such a park, while we still have it, would be the remaining field south of the library. It would thus unite the library with a public open space and the underused arboretum to the south. The park itself could be quite simple; grass trees, walkways, and benches. Whatever few sites offer an opportunity for such a park should be pursued immediately before it’s too late to bestow such a gift to the community and future generations.

Terry Barham



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