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A Job Well Done


I recently experienced a theft of a piece of jewelry from my home. This item had tremendous sentimental value to me, and I was devastated with its loss. I was fortunate to realize the item was missing within 24 hours of it being taken.

That same day, on Thursday, I immediately contacted our Sheriff’s Department and went to the Public Safety Facility to file a report. Detective Johnny Nicholson took the initial information, and Detective Justin Bell was able to act quickly with the information I provided. A suspect was identified.

Knowing our Sheriff, David Mahoney, and having gone to Brevard High School with Johnny Nicholson, I knew everything would be done that could be done. However, the chances of recovering jewelry are often very slim with the large market for precious metals. When an item is pawned or sold, an authorized dealer keeps the item for just 7 days before reselling it for melting. Over the weekend, I came to peace with the fact that I would probably never see my piece of jewelry again.

The sheriff called me late Tuesday afternoon. Because of the quick and effective work of the investigative team, my jewelry was located at a store on the evening of day six. Detective Bell retrieved it on day seven, and it is now back in my possession.

We often talk about the hard work and dedication of our law enforcement officers. I can now personally attest to their work ethic and their commitment to service. I am grateful for our Sheriff’s Department.

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