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Cemeteries To Be Discussed At Creekside Chats – Brevard NC


Last updated 4/30/2014 at 1:50pm

Daniel Cobb and Aaron Bland head up the hill to Bailey's Cemetery. Some head stones and markers are visible. The only access to Bailey's Cemetery at this point is through private residences.

The public is invited May 3 for a series of afternoon "Creekside Chats" which will include discussion about Bailey's and Shady Grove cemeteries. Information, stories and history regarding both cemeteries will gladly be received.

The all day "Down By The Creek" event will take place at the Rosenwald Memorial Peace Park and the adjoining Silversteen Playground at the corner of Mills and Hillview Avenues off Cashiers Valley Road. The City of Brevard Planning Department will share findings from their March 4, field trip to Bailey's Cemetery.

Bailey's Cemetery is located in the historic Rosenwald community. This Western part of Brevard, commonly known in the past as "Goose Hollow," seems to date back to around 1890. In spite of its name, there are other families buried there besides Baileys. They include family names of Bailey, Mills and Mackey. It seems to have begun as a family burial plot by Isaac "Ike" Bailey and his wife, Margaret (nee Mills.)

Aaron Bland, Daniel Cobb and Nicola Karesh, under the guidance of Josh Freeman, City of Brevard Planning Department, conducted a field trip to Bailey's Cemetery March 4 primarily to take measurements and assess its condition. Prior to the outing, Jill Chapman, chairman of The Abandoned Cemeteries Board, was contacted for any information. She had done some clean-up work with local students in the past and was interested in learning about any findings to update her records, especially related to grave head stones, markers and field stones.

Shady Grove Cemetery is located in Transylvania County off Buena Vista Drive and Rosman Highway.

Shady Grove Cemetery used to be called Chinquapin Cemetery. Chinquapin is an Indian name which means "A small edible acorn of the oak tree by the same name." It is a diminutive cousin of the American chestnut. Further research indicated that Chinquapin, or "chinkapin," derives their name from eastern-dwelling Algonquian Indian language.

Many of the markers and field stones were covered without inscription.

Shady Grove Cemetery is in need of clean-up. Chapman indicated that historically, there were African American families living in that area who had since moved to different areas in the county. She has tried to get church volunteers in that area to help clean it up without success. The last known burial there was in the 1900s.

I brought up the subject of Shady Grove cemetery to a group of Rosenwald Alumni. They were un-aware of the cemetery's existence, although Edith Darity did confirm that she had been aware that families had lived in that area at one time.

Information so far has been gathered primarily from Chapman, the Rosenwald Alumni group, field experience with the City of Brevard Planning Department and from Transylvania County Library records.


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