Paws For Celebration Artist: Hanes Hoffman


Hanes Hoffman

Editor's Note: This is one in a series of profiles on artists participating in the Paws for Celebration scavenger hunt and auction. Twenty local artists have donated art to be auctioned off November 15 during a fundraiser. Proceeds from the auction will benefit TAAG (the Transylvania Animal Alliance Group) and Nowzad (an organization dedicated to rescuing stray and abandoned animals in Afghanistan).

Artist Name: Hanes Hoffman

Title of piece donated: "Fisherman's Best Friend"

Specialization: I specialize in copper sheet metal fabrication. Bringing the inanimate quality of copper into forms of life is very satisfying.

How many years have you lived in this community? I have only lived in this community for 2 1/2 years but my soul has been here forever. Or at least since I came here to camp back in the mid '70s, this place is like a spiritual power outlet for me. I am so empowered by the beauty of nature in all forms. This place charges my batteries daily!

What brought you to this community? I came to this community because of nature and my passion for riding my bike in the forest. I knew in my heart that good people lived in good places and I was not wrong. This community has everything I need: Art, music, good beer and food but mostly an abundance of natural areas to explore and worship. I feel like this community is heaven on earth and I am so blessed to call it home now and forever!

What inspires you to create art? The natural beauty of all things living! I love all art and people's different interpretation of their visions of what art is. It's powerful to see the human brain manifest itself through art. It's invigorating to me!

How did you become an artist? I tried everything else first and after all that time, art is what called to me.

What are your interests outside of art? Mountain sports of all kinds.

Why have you chosen to participate in the Paws for Celebration Benefit? I chose to donate to this fundraiser because dogs have and always will be my constant companion in this life; I can't imagine being without one. I wanted to help others have their companions too, especially after serving our country overseas.

How can the public reach you if they are interested in seeing more of your work? The public can reach me through my website at

Where is your creation being shown until the auction in November? My artwork, "Fisherman's best Friend," is being sponsored by the Clay Team at Looking Glass Realty at 66 South Broad Street.

(For more information about the Paws for Celebration Scavenger Hunt, or the auction, contact Sarah Lutz at [email protected] or (828) 226-3195.

Next time, the featured artist will be Erin Jones and her painting entitled "Saving Grace.")


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