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By Park Baker
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Alcohol Group Wants To Keep Transylvania Dry - Brevard NC


Editor’s Note: In November, Transylvania County residents will decide whether they want to allow alcohol sales in the county. A group opposed to the measure, Keep TC Dry, has been formed.

The Transylvania Times contacted Daniel Nicholson, the group’s chairman, to find out more.

Who else is on this action committee with you?

DN: The Keep TC Dry Referendum Committee consists of hundreds of pastors, church members and Bible-believing Christians throughout Transylvania County who are dedicated to the traditional family values of our forefathers and the Biblical principles for which they stood. The Keep TC Dry Referendum Committee has a chairman, a treasurer and a host of consultants.

What do you hope to accomplish with your committee?

DN: Through Keep TC Dry, it is our hope to educate people about the current dangers of alcohol, the Biblical repercussions of accepting it, and the future problems for not only our economy but for our children and families in Transylvania County, as well. But the ultimate goal of the Keep TC Dry Referendum Committee is to ignite the citizenry to vote against and thus defeat all seven of the referendums regarding the county-wide sale of alcohol.

What was the catalyst to create this committee?

DN: Keep TC Dry was created solely in response to the three to two vote by the county commissioners on Aug. 14 of this year regarding the sale of the alcohol in the county, which purposefully bypassed the standard operating procedure of petition drives for such referendums that have taken place numerous times since 1992.

Do you think the effort will be well received in the county? Why or why not?

DN: Yes, we do. It is the hope of Keep TC Dry and our constituency that this issue will be received well from the residents of Transylvania County because of the rich Biblical history of our county and the principles passed down from generations before us.

In regards to economics, do you think allowing the sale of alcohol would provide revenue increases for business outside the Brevard city limits? Why or why not?

DN: With all due respect, the Keep TC Dry Referendum Committee does not believe that economics is the issue at hand. We are, in fact, economic and fiscal conservatives.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with money or trying to make more of it, but the Bible is clear when it says that “the love of money is the root of all evil” (I Timothy 6:10). This alcohol vote is a matter of Biblical righteousness and our traditional family values here in Transylvania. Keep TC Dry is taking a moral stand, not an economic one.

Do you anticipate more law enforcement funding to help monitor impaired driving in the county?

DN: While Keep TC Dry completely supports all law enforcement agencies, we do not believe that the Transylvania County Commissioners and Brevard City Council will be swift to act when the sheriff or chief of police asks for additional resources to keep the remainder of the public safe, whether it is combating drunk driving, alcohol-related domestic violence, etc.

We think this scenario would be the same regarding more man-power and supplies for the other departments, such as EMS, within Transylvania County as well.

Do you think the brown bag policy at some restaurants outside the city limits is adequate?

DN: No. The Keep TC Dry Referendum Committee opposes the sale of alcohol in any form from a moral and Biblical point of view.

Do you think the local government should have a say in what people can do with their business? What they can sell and where?

DN: Again, the Keep TC Dry Referendum Committee is a very conservative organization, believing in limited government intrusion. However, we believe that county wide alcohol sales is a moral and social issue. Governments are involved in issues of morality all the time. For example, we as a society believe that murder is morally wrong; therefore, our government has made it a crime. We absolutely believe in the free market system as it was set up by the founding fathers. But as far as we are concerned, this is not about “rights” as much as it is about “righteousness.” We do not believe that it is morally right for a business to sell alcohol anywhere (next to a school, a church, a daycare, etc.). Alcohol, along with the dangers and evils associated with it, is a plague in our society.

Keep TC Dry is simply the face and force of the citizens which live and work continually in Transylvania County known as conservative Christians. We want the people of Transylvania County to learn from what has happened in the past and what could potentially happen in the future because of the sale of alcohol. It is the prayer of Keep TC Dry that the Biblical principles set forth by God in his Bible regarding alcohol will not be violated.


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