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Positive Kids In A Negative World


I am writing to inform people about Davidson River School. A friend called the school a “juvenile facility” for “bad” kids. This stunned and hurt me that our school was looked upon as a place for the bad and not a place with qualified teachers and staff who are meeting needs of kids who would otherwise not finish their high school education.

My cause is not only personal for my grandchild who attends this school, but also for the other kids who attend and have graduated due to the work done by all who share in their accomplishments.

I had heard of the school as the “Rock” and had not thought much about it until I was educated about what the school does to turn our kids’ lives around.

This school meets the need for a smaller class environment and more assistance one-on-one. It is a place for kids who need direction in life as well as a place to get the encouragement and assistance to help them achieve a better future.

We had the privilege to begin classes last year here at DRS, beginning with ninth grade, and have met many of the students who attend this school. The kids are more relaxed and are able to focus on the tasks at hand. It is awesome to see these students grow and flourish as they accomplish their goals.

I have worked in the office as a volunteer as well as serving on support committees to help staff make a positive place for these students. It has done my heart good to be a part of the success I have seen. I encourage each of you to go on the school website for Transylvania County Schools to find what is happening at our school. You will find how these kids are working in our county to help make things better for others, which in turn helps them to be positive, thriving members of this community. Take a look so you can better understand what our school is about and how we are making positive kids in a negative world.

Susan Brown

Pisgah Forest


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