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We Need Jobs, Not Meters


Brevard City Council is strongly considering parking meters and parking garages for patrons of the downtown business district. Initial costs are very high and could become a tax burden on residents of Brevard and possibly the entire county.

The first year the city would most likely gain added revenue. However, the second year may find that residents would rather go beyond the city limits and patronize merchants that do not require feeding a meter before entering their establishment.

Main Street is already suffering from a turn-over rate which has left many vacant buildings which leads to blight.

As a suggestion, start by reading a report from Eastern Carolina University “Why Parking Meters Should be Outlawed,” at tom/parkingmeters.shtml. Perhaps the council should direct their efforts in soliciting manufacturers to Brevard and the county. Higher paying jobs would promote more revenue for our merchants and the city.

Lawrence Van Antwerp Sr.



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