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Tom Brady


He will go down as one of the greatest NFL quarterbacks of all times. Unfortunately, his legacy is tarnished as a result of the Deflate Scandal. He joins the infamous fallen sport’s heroes such as Pete Rose, Lance Armstrong, and countless others who chose to lie and perpetrate the ill-advised cover-up strategy.

Early on it was obvious that Tom Brady was being less than truthful in his initial interview. He twisted, paused, turned and struggled with his words as he denied any knowledge or involvement in the act.

If you have any doubts as to his complicity, ask yourself a simple question: What locker room attendant, manager, or equipment staff assistant would deflate the game balls of the Patriots without the approval of the head coach or the quarterback? The head coach has not been implicated, which leaves Brady as the culprit.

The Manning boys have a total of three Super Bowl rings to Brady’s four. However, each of them has something more valuable and lasting. Integrity!

The penalty for this infraction is in the hands of Roger Goodell and the NFL. Everyone is watching. Do the right thing! They are due to get one right!

Howard Dyer



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