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The Rich And Christians


The Haven of Transylvania County was built without any government money. The Haven has provided not only physical shelter, but career and social services guidance to “125 of the county’s homeless population” according to Sibley George, president of The Haven. Kind-hearted, caring individuals in our community contributed and continue to support the needy.

During the unusual spring blizzard in Alabama, personnel from Chick-Fil-A fed stranded motorists and gave them shelter at the restaurant without charge! “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Perhaps if President Obama had staff who were more in tune with normal situations and not just in the “hotbeds” which fit his chosen scenarios, he would stop hammering “the rich” whom he claims don’t pay their fair share and/or “Christians” who need to change their focus.

He accuses Fox News of picking and choosing and singling out stories that fit their storylines. Perhaps the advisors in political positions of authority (past, current, or future) are suffering from “bobble head-itis” nodding in agreement with everything. What’s truly needed are individuals who think for themselves and allow some of the “good news” happening in our country to reach the appropriate ears. After all, donkeys and elephants have really large ears…the better for hearing…or are they?

Renee M. Bruce



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