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By Robbie Robertson
Sports Editor 

Jeff McDaris Responds To Track Questions - Brevard NC


Jeff McDaris, superintendent of Transylvania County Schools, responded to Monday’s article in The Transylvania Times on the track facility at Brevard College.

“I am not aware of any meetings between the school system, county and Brevard College on this, so I cannot speak to any perceived reluctance,” McDaris said, responding to comments made by Commission Chairman Mike Hawkins in an email to Larry Chapman and Frank and Donna Patton.

Hawkins told the Pattons, who had paid for the track’s resurfacing, that funding for equipment and other items had been put on hold indefinitely because of an inability to get funding from the college and the school system.

“The school system has tremendous capital needs on an aging infrastructure that is deteriorating,” McDaris said. “Capital monies are a local allocation that comes to us from the commissioners in the first place.

As far as our current funding, I am not sure what projects the school system could delay or pull capital monies from. We are determining now which needs to hold off on and which ones must be addressed now for buildings and classrooms.”

McDaris said he has spoken with both the Pattons and Brevard College President David Joyce about the track facilities.

“The track is something Frank and Donna have talked to me individually about,” McDaris said. “And I know they have reached out to the other entities as well. The Pattons are outstanding individuals who care deeply about this community. They have invested in so many wonderful things that have made the school system, county, and Brevard College better now and for the future.

“David Joyce and I talk frequently and have talked about the track. It would be very exciting for our young people and for the community to be able to host full-fledged track and field events. It would also be an economic boost. We see that when visitors come to athletic events for Brevard High, Rosman High, and Brevard College.”


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