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My husband and I love our country. We proudly display the American flag at every opportunity. My husband, like many others, wore a uniform to defend this country and the beliefs that we were founded on. Outside our home we have 3 flags flying: our American flag, a Christian flag, and, yes, a (gasp!) rebel flag. We have read the many letters and articles from people who find the flag offensive, and most of them see the flag as a symbol of slavery. However, all the literature I have read regarding the history of the flag explains that it was simply used as a “battle flag” to identify one group of soldiers from others. Its original intent was never to degrade a group of people or define who they were.

Our rebel flag was stolen recently. One morning we woke to find it had been removed. The person who stole our flag apparently felt offended by it. However, that does not mean that you have the right to take my property. Evidently it is easier to sneak by in the cover of darkness than to come up and ask me why I am flying it so we could engage in a real conversation. Perhaps next time, as we have since put up another flag.

My question to the readers is this – what’s next? If we follow this train of thought, and today we are told it just isn’t right to fly the rebel flag, what will it be tomorrow? There is talk about removing some paintings and statues from buildings across the country because they are offensive. Will book burnings be next? Will the Bible be banned? Will the American flag be outlawed? These are things we have to think about. Day by day, week by week, we are seeing things being declared “racist” or “offensive” or “hurtful.” One day you will wake up and ask yourself, “when did that happen?” Unfortunately, by then it will be too late. It is already happening. I can keep replacing a $14 flag, but I keep wondering, what’s next?

Linda Novosel and

Jim Bohn



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