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Bad Bicyclist Behavior?


It happened to us three drivers Friday, July 31, on Gallimore Road. Another group of bicyclists not riding single file with drivers behind and running stop signs! Every time we came up behind one of these groups, they spread out two-three wide in the lane, not allowing any drivers to pass. They put drivers at risk, if there is a safe spot to pass, by disobeying the bike laws.

In the “Bike Transylvania” book on page 120, it says under “Road Cycling”… “Cyclists should pay attention to what’s coming up behind and get in single file and let the cars pass. Being considerate of drivers fosters acceptance of the Biking community and encourages drivers to be considerate of cyclists.”

Something needs to be done about this problem! We have to share the road! It seems like some cyclists are trying to take over.

Take the revenue from the Assault Ride and build bike lanes, like they have in Tennessee? Or maybe put up cameras at all stop signs in town? Do something soon.

We drivers pay taxes and gas and insurance to drive safely on our roads. This problem is getting worse every day - not better. It never will until someone enforces the law.

P. Cummins

Pisgah Forest


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