Bundling Rates


I recently had a discussion with Comporium regarding our billing when our monthly bill jumped about $40 higher per month. One of Comporium’s customer service reps told me our “bundle came off.” I asked her what that meant. She told me we had enjoyed the bundle billing rate (of Internet, telephone and cable television) for three years and our bundle billing ended after three years. I asked her to restart the bundle billing. She told me company policy was that after a customer had a bundle rate for three years, they had to wait one year without a bundle before Comporium would offer that customer another bundle billing rate. I asked he if that policy was in writing and to send me a copy. She told me to hold for a minute so she could ask her supervisor. She came back and told me her supervisor told her that policy is not in writing.

I asked the Comporium rep if their commercial customers were affected by this policy, and she said no, that only residential customers fell under this policy.

Doesn’t any unwritten policy encourage favoritism among Comporium reps, so perhaps only family and friends get special bundle rates without a one-year non-bundled waiting period? Are more and more county residents cancelling their Comporium accounts due to this unwritten policy and corresponding high rates, and instead relying on cell phones and alternate sources for Internet and television?

Paul Bezanker

Lake Toxaway

(Editor’s Note: According to Comporium General Manager Frank Porter, “Comporium offers several bundles including a Triple Play (Phone, Video, Internet). When we originally started the Triple Play bundle, it offered a two-year discount. We now have a Step-UP bundle that allows for an additional 12 months at the rate of $129.99, effectively giving 36 months of discounted services. We value our customers and try to hold down prices even in the face of large increases in programmers’ fees from the large video conglomerates.”)


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