Gallery Displays MacAllister's Paintings – Brevard NC


Every month, Ann Hollingsworth and Main Street Ltd. show the work of a local artist in the Hollingsworth Building. The artist featured this month is Carol MacAllister.

MacAllister is known for her highly detailed New England style folk art. One painting includes the whole town with Hollingsworth on the steps of her business. And MacAlllister’s Sliding Rock has become a “must have” for visitors.

A year ago, however, MacAllister made a 180 degree change in her style and started experimenting with high flow, acrylic paint.

“It’s messy, unpredictable and soul satisfying and, more than anything, it’s just fun,” she said. “No matter how I may title a painting, if the piece allows you to find your own feelings and meaning within its pigments and design, I am happy. It is what art should do for you.”

MacAllister’s show continues through Aug. 30 in the art gallery between Quotations and Main St. Ltd.


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