Transylvania County School Principals 2015-2016

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Tony Meachum

Tony Meachum

T.C Henderson Elem.

11839 Rosman Hwy.

Lake Toxaway, NC 28747

[email protected] (828) 862-4463

My name is Tony Meachum and I am fortunate to be the Principal of T.C. Henderson Elementary School.

Even though I have just completed my eighth year as the principal here, I have been in public education for 32 years. During my career, I have served in the following capacities: middle school science and social studies teacher, middle school baseball coach, middle school assistant football coach, summer school teacher, summer school site coordinator, middle school club sponsor, elementary assistant principal, elementary principal, middle school assistant principal and middle school principal.

I love to work with children, who truly are our future. As the principal of T.C. Henderson, I am very proud of our school community, our students, our parents, and our staff members. We all work together to provide each of our students a high quality education.

This is reinforced by the fact that T.C. Henderson has met the federal government's (Adequate Yearly Progress) goals each and every year since its inception. Our school has also always been designated as a "School of Excellence," a "School of Distinction," or a "School with High Academic Growth" each year since the State of N.C. began its standardized testing programs back in the 1990s!

In fact, our school was once again recently recognized as a "Title 1 Honor School." This achievement means that our school is in the top 10 percent of all Title 1 schools in our state, in terms of student academic performance. Not only this, but our school has historically been the recipient of tremendous parental and volunteer involvement and support, which enables us to provide each of our students with the very best.

My goals for the upcoming school year include:

(1) to continue and improve upon our tradition of academic excellence,

(2) to increase our business and social partnerships,

(3) to expand parental involvement,

(4) to enhance our "project-based learning,"

(5) to fully-develop our school's "Professional Learning Community" to include all staff, students, parents, volunteers, and the community,

(6) to fully implement the newly-updated North Carolina Standard Course of Study, and

(7) to research and implement more effective strategies that will enable us to differentiate instruction to better meet the individual needs of each of our students.

As you can tell, we are very proud of our school community! Even though we know that we are doing many things very well, we are always researching ways to improve. We welcome your input and suggestions. We would also like to invite you to come visit our school any time: we would love to meet you!


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