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With Railroad Track, Look To The Future


I have to admire Mr. Pearsall’s imagination and nostalgic view of the sound of a train whistle (Keep The Railroad Track, T-Times, August 13, 2015). However, I doubt that many living close to a train crossing would have the same romantic feelings. I’m quite sure that most of those residing close to the long defunct tracks between Brevard and Hendersonville don’t miss the noise of a passing train or its whistle.

Surely the idea of a “tourist train” is made in jest. I have ridden scenic tourist trains out West and elsewhere; although the scenery was spectacular, each experience was something I would call a one-time adventure, unlike riding a bike trail for exercise and enjoying the outdoors many times a year. Although Western North Carolina has beautiful scenery, the countryside between Brevard and Hendersonville is not likely that which one would pay train fare to see.

Exactly where would Pearsall suggest the train track to the Music Center be constructed? How many trees would Brevard lose and homes be dislodged in order to lay track? I sincerely hope that he was suggesting this idea with a sense of humor (or with tongue in cheek).

The idea that some manufacturing plant will come to Brevard because we have a rail line, which is in bad condition and would need extensive and expensive reconstruction, is a pipe dream unlikely to come to fruition. It would be far better for those residing in Transylvania County to look to the future, rather than to the past.

Colleen Murphy



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