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Adopt Arms Agreement


Last updated 8/24/2015 at 10:25am

A reader has to admire Henri Erti’s ability to cram so much misinformation and so many distortions into his letter to the editor (June 30). Erti argues that the nuclear arms agreement the U.S. is pursuing with Iran is a Trojan horse, one that will lead to nuclear proliferation, regional destabilization, and even war, presumably between Israel and Iran. But his logic is flawed, and his assertions border on the absurd.

Erti states that the fundamental purpose of the agreement is to “transform Iran into a regional power…” He should know that Iran is already very much a regional power. The agreement will not change that one way or the other. He should also know that the U.S. purpose – pure and simple – is to prevent Iran from building nuclear weapons.

The agreement will not change the regime in Iran because it was never intended to do anything other than preclude the production of nuclear weapons. The U.S. orchestrated a regime change in Iran in 1953 (remember the Shah) when the CIA overthrew a democratically elected government. The consequences were disastrous and would be even worse today if a new coup were attempted. No sane person wants to go down that road again.

The nuclear agreement with Iran would not “undermine the stability of the region,” as Erti states. The region is already terribly destabilized. We can thank George Bush and Dick Cheney for that. Blowing a hole in the heart of the Middle East by invading Iraq created massive instability, cost hundreds of thousands of innocent lives and ran up a tab of more than one trillion dollars. For what?

Finally, how exactly does prohibiting the production of nuclear weapons exacerbate a nuclear arms race? It would, in fact, do the opposite and could help ease some of the regional tensions as well. It is time for the U.S. to ignore Israeli hysterics and start treating Iran like the regional power that it is instead of like a pariah nation. Adopt the arms agreement, drop the economic sanctions, and get on with restoring normal relations with Iran.

Wayne Clark



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