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Kudos To Recycle Centers


When we first moved here several years ago, we inquired of our neighbors what to do for refuse disposal. She indicated that most people used the Recycle Center (we use Pisgah Forest) and proceeded to give us detailed instructions on how to segregate plastics, glass, cans, and paper for recycling. Being used to routine weekly pickup back home, we were skeptical. We tried it and found how simple it is – and cost is minimal.

Since that time, the centers have eliminated the need to separate different plastics and glass and have added a cool cardboard compactor – a vast improvement above the over-stuffed cribs.

The staff works long hours in the most extreme weather conditions and yet maintains a fine demeanor and helpfulness – particularly to seniors.

Our commissioners should be very proud of this fine operation, and netting over $100,000 annually towards our budget. What a win-win.

Now if they could only stripe off No-Parking or Standing areas, it might eliminate the cars and large pickups that feel they are entitled to park in right front of the little office, rather than the defined angled parking slots.

Thank you all in this department for your fine efforts.

Bill Howard

Pisgah Forest


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