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Brevard Academy Reports Good Opening, Record Enrollment - Brevard NC


Brevard Academy: A Challenge Foundation Academy has had a good month, opening school with its highest enrollment ever and signing a contract with Challenge Foundation Properties for purchase of the old Woods Chevrolet building.

School director Barbara Grimm reported that the school has 290 students enrolled.

“That’s really outstanding,” said board chairman Warren Alston. “I’m completely and totally thrilled.”

The increase in enrollment is also reflected in participation in extracurricular activities.

The school has 31 students participating on its cross-country team and 30 students have signed up for the flag football team.

The school also has more than 20 full-time students in its afterschool program, which it is operating for the first year.

Grimm said some parents are placing their children in the afterschool program for the enrichment activities, but the majority of parents are using the program because they have to work.

“I have heard a lot of positive feedback,” said board member Nick Iosue about the afterschool program.

The one downside to the increased enrollment is the length of the car line. Grimm said it has taken 30 minutes to get all students loaded into their parents’ vehicles at the end of the day.

“We’re hoping to get it down to 20,” said Grimm.

The enrollment increase also keeps the school on schedule to meet the necessary enrollment to move into its new campus next year.

Earlier this month CF Properties closed on a contract with the owners of the old Woods Chevrolet on the Hendersonville Highway. They will renovate the property so that Brevard Academy can use it next year.

In order for Brevard Academy to pay CF Properties and eventually take over the note on the property, however, the school will have to have 325 students when the school opens next year.

Since the state will only pay for a percentage of student growth each year, Brevard Academy needed to enroll 289 students this year to remain on track to have 325 students next year.

The eventual goal, as discussed at a prior meeting, is for the school to have 450 students.

Alston said that now that CF Properties has closed on the Hendersonville Highway property, “things should start happening very quickly.”

“I know that they do have some challenges that they are going to be working on,” said Alston, adding that two of them are water and sewer.

“Everything is coming along just as well as we can expect,” said Alston.

Iosue, who leads the board’s marketing and public outreach committee, said a groundbreaking ceremony and other festivities are being planned for Oct. 3 at the future site of Brevard Academy.

Grimm said one concern parents have about moving to a new campus is that the school will lose the natural feel at its present setting, the Brevard Music Center.

Board member Zia McConnell agreed, saying, “The feel of this place is important to everyone.”

Grimm said she had received a proposal from Muddy Sneakers about landscaping four acres near the back of the property.

“It’s a four-acre meadow that needs to be transformed into an instructional space,” said Grimm.

She requested that the board members review the proposal so that they could discuss it at their next board meeting and give something to Muddy Sneakers to work with before the Oct. 3 event.

Teachers’ Report

First grade teacher Camy Stirling informed board members about the listening and learning strands being used in first grade.

Fellow first grade teacher Carly Smith said they also planned to take, as usual, a number of field trips this year.

Last year’s field trips included visits to Gwynn Valley, the Pisgah Center for Wildlife Education, the Greenville County Museum of Art, the Greenville Zoo, the Mineral and Lapidary Museum in Hendersonville, and several locations in Brevard.

Kim Best discussed how technology will be used in more classes and subjects this year.

Other News

• The board unanimously passed three policies governing nepotism, non-disciplinary grievances and sexual molestation.

• In order to avoid a conflict of interest, new board member Ashleigh Dalton removed herself from the meeting room as the board discussed retaining her physical therapy services.

Last year before she became a board member, Dalton was hired to provide physical therapy for one student.

This year two students require physical therapy.

The remaining board members voted unanimously to retain Dalton’s services for this school year.

• As of July 31, the school had $724,718 in the bank.

• The board will hold its future meetings in Searcy Hall on Sept. 21, Oct. 19, Nov. 16, Dec. 14, Jan. 11, Feb. 8, March 21, April 18, May 23 and June 13.


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