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City Committee To Recommend 'BATS' For Trail System Name – Brevard NC


The City of Brevard is one step closer to choosing a name for its trial system.

The city’s Parks, Trails and Recreation committee will recommend to city council the trail system be named BATS, which is an acronym for Brevard Area Trail System.

The committee chose the name during its regularly scheduled meeting last Tuesday after fielding suggestions from the community.

“It describes what it is very well,” said Jimmy Perkins, committee member and member of the city’s planning board.

“The BATS thing is kind of catchy,” he said. “It ties back to Transylvania County.”

Prior to Tuesday’s meeting, residents submitted 141 suggested names to the committee for review as part of a naming competition before members decided on one.

The meeting started with committee members submitting suggestions from the list that stood out to them.

“I like the ones that have the historical value,” said Wes Dickson, committee chair and council member.

Only two residents attended the meeting outside of the community members who serve on the committee.

The trail system, which is currently referred to as Brevard Trails, includes a network of paths, trails and sidewalks.

The first phase of a bike and Hiking path, which was mainly a 10-foot wide urban trail, was completed in 2003.

The trail connected Blue Ridge Community College to the City Sports Complex and the Transylvania County Activity Center. Since then, the trail system has grown considerably, with about 6 miles of urban Biking and Hiking paths, including paved paths and greenways, with the city exploring expanding the system further.

The city is hoping a name could better brand the trail system and help city residents better recognize and utilize it.

“I was just kind of thinking about in Hendersonville they have a trail system that I cannot remember the name of and that can sort of be a problem,” said Marty Ingram, a community member who serves on the committee.

Before choosing BATS, in an effort to better brand the trail system, committee members also discussed the possibility of using Estatoe in the naming of the trail system but eventually went with BATS.

“I like the Estatoe for the historical value of it as well,” said Daniel Cobb, the city’s interim planning director.

During the July 14 meeting of the committee, Jim Fatland, recently named city manager, also suggested using the name Estatoe Trail.

The committee never technically voted on the name BATS but rather came to a general consensus to make the recommendation to council.

Councilwoman Ann Hollingsworth, the other council member on the committee, didn’t attend Tuesday’s meeting.

Along with a naming change of the entire trail system to better identify the network, committee members hope to change several trail names within the network to better identify between paved paths and greenways.

“Instead of calling that Cherry Street Trail, we would call it Cherry Street Greenway,” said Dickson.

The committee did not announce who chose the name BATS as part of the naming contest.

However, in a section asking residents to explain why they chose the name they suggested, the anonymous resident who suggested BATS stated: “I’m going to ride the BAT, etc. a nice play with a homage to Transylvania/bats.”

The committee’s next step is to make the recommendation to council, which next meets on Monday, Sept. 21.


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