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No Need For Great Lakes Nuclear Waste Repository


I’m a retired pathologist with boards in nuclear medicine. I have spent a big chunk of my time opposing attempts by the psychopathic rich to further enrich themselves at the expense of “ordinary people.”

I have been a member of Physicians For Socially Responsibility for many years, an organization that with its international affiliate, International Physicians For The Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW), was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1985.

The continued use of nuclear energy and the perpetuation of its lethal wastes forever is beyond unconscionable and a crime against humanity. To select a deposit site close to one of the largest sources of fresh water critical to our survival, endangering millions of citizens’ lives now, and likely billions over time, is beyond understanding, when benign energy sources are already out-producing energy sources like fossil fuels and nukes.

Are we captives of energy sources that are predicted to make humanity extinct in a century, sources already too dangerous and expensive to survive market forces? Are we to continue pandering to an industry that recognizes no value except subsidized money, and is sacrificing its own children to the gods of profit? What will they explain to our families at their next uncontrolled meltdown—which is inevitable?

Informed youth already hate us for the monstrous future we are condemning them to, fascist “leadership” and a textbook of diseases beyond cures.

I am 85 and think I may have seen it all: governments which are stinking cesspools of corruption and totally without conscience. There are a few exceptions like Elizabeth Warren, Alan Grayson, Donna Edwards, Barbara Lee, Bernie Sanders — and some others — but the influence of money and our refusal to educate our children in critical thinking assures that we are already beyond salvation. Maybe some of the “lower animals” will do better. The rocks, the seas, and many useful plants may provide life with a second chance. Even intelligent life, if you like long shots. We’ve had a pretty good run. We invented music, baseball, the 5-string banjo and chocolate chip ice cream. Let’s not get greedy and demand survival!

Don Richardson



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