By Frances Bradburn
Everyday Education 

A SMART Use Of Modern Technology!


Teacher Michelle Ridenour helps Sadie Shook-Rhodes spell "camp" while Lisa Rosas-Martinez watches carefully from her seat. (Courtesy photos by Kevin Smith, Transylvania County Schools)

Technology in schools isn't always about computers. It can encompass all kinds of devices: telephones, Kindles or Nooks, GPSs, calculators, even sewing machines.

Interactive whiteboards, often called SMART boards after one of the vendors, are operated via a teacher's computer, but the board itself is the focus in the classroom. For those of us out of school for a while, think black board or whiteboard - on steroids. Yes, this whiteboard "does things"- it's interactive.

To understand the value of interactive whiteboards in the classroom, we're starting the day at Brevard Elemen-tary Sch...

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